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General tech talk about what’s new and what’s available and some explanations about random topics.


How I Saved You From QuadRooter!

During Def Con 24 in LA ( hacking conference) researchers have shown a  security gap exposed about 900 people of Android users to danger. QuadRooter is a security gap recently discovered to...
Desert Plants and Their Names

Desert Plants and Their Names

Herbs and wild plants Desert areas are areas that lack water and are known for their hot and dry climate. They are home to wild plants that help treat many diseases. These...
Futuristic Password Replacements

6 Technologies Replacing Traditional Passwords

It became common knowledge that traditional passwords aren't enough anymore for security. Even the most complicated password can be hacked. The reason is that traditional password system became old and weak...

DirectX12 and Vulkan

The hype about DirectX12 and Vulkan. The talk of the DirectX12 and Vulkan arrived and it promised massive frame rate increase, ability to combine GPU's even those from different brands and a drastic...

Complete Guide For Understanding And Buying : SSD And HDD

Which is better SSD Or HDD? SSD: Solid State Drive, HDD: Hard Disk Drive. It's like asking which is better airplanes or cars? They're different and we'll talk about everything you need to know...

Ways to confront a liar person

There are certain ways to confront a liar person. Lying is a chronic thing for some people. They hardly speak a word to be a lie. Lying is one of the...
The Importance of journalism

The Importance of journalism

Journalism The press is a humanistic science. It relies on collecting data and information to report on a particular incident and publishing it to a targeted class of people. These reports are...

WiFox an application for travelers for free internet at airports!

WiFox When you're alone in the airport waiting for someone to arrive or waiting for a delayed plane, time goes slowly without internet and you'll definitely be bored. Anil Polat, a security...
cooperation in life

The importance of cooperation in life

Human and social environment Human beings live on earth and interact with the environment in which they live. And they can't be isolated from it in any way. God created people in...

USB Debugging Explained.

If you're not an average Android phone, you probably crossed by the USB debugging term. You may as well have used it without even knowing it. Let's know what it does and...


An Entrance To The World Of Programming For Beginners.

An Entrance To The World Of Programming For Beginners. Have you ever thought about entering the world of programming? What kept you from that? Do you see...