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General tech talk about what’s new and what’s available and some explanations about random topics.


VPNs for more Cyber Protection

Virtual Private Networks or VPN is one of the most common services with a widespread around the world in spite of the legal issues associated with using it and the categories...

How I Saved You From QuadRooter!

During Def Con 24 in LA ( hacking conference) researchers have shown a  security gap exposed about 900 people of Android users to danger. QuadRooter is a security gap recently discovered to...

Future plants: light-emitting and working machines!

Have you ever heard of “lights down” factories? It is a modern term referring to future plants that will depend on artificial intelligence, that means, all plants machines will be programmed and...
Bees extinction

What Will Happen In Case of Bees extinction?

Have you ever thought about the impact of bee extinction on your life and the whole world? Here is a summary of this dangerous effect. There are great fears of the extinction...
AnTuTu Benchmark

Top 5 Benchmark Apps For Your Phone

Most of us probably know the model number, the type of the phone and some technical specifications of it. The phone's performance, however, is a different story. Here, we'll present you with...

Windows 10 Anniversary Update: New Features

Microsoft released Windows 10's anniversary update last week with lots of new features within that most if not all windows users have been waiting for. New Features: Windows Ink: Windows Ink Workspace Demo Allows you...

The Galaxy Note 7 story from start to end!

Galaxy Note 7 .. The Full Story, From The Beginning Till Its Death - A Special Report Although some considered it the best smartphone produced yet, Samsung announced on Tuesday that they...
Futuristic Password Replacements

6 Technologies Replacing Traditional Passwords

It became common knowledge that traditional passwords aren't enough anymore for security. Even the most complicated password can be hacked. The reason is that traditional password system became old and weak...

UFS: Samsung’s Hyper Fast external Storage.

Samsung announced a new type of external UFS storage that comes with up to 5 times the speed of the regular SD cards. Recently SD cards have enabled a lot...

DirectX12 and Vulkan

The hype about DirectX12 and Vulkan. The talk of the DirectX12 and Vulkan arrived and it promised massive frame rate increase, ability to combine GPU's even those from different brands and a drastic...


13 new feature of the operating system iOS

  Apple had launched the new version of iOS as usual every year to put many new features of its customers to develop the ability...