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General tech talk about what’s new and what’s available and some explanations about random topics.

the importance of freedom

What is the importance of freedom?

Freedom Man is one of the finest creatures of God who distinguished him from others with his mind and ability to distinguish between right and wrong. He has given him the freedom...

Multi-Core CPUs Explained.

Introduction: Multi-Core-CPU's are a major selling point for both PC and other devices ( tablets, mobile phones, etc). Multi-Core-CPU's: In the most obvious look of it, more cores suggests more power. But it's not...

Complete Guide For Understanding And Buying : SSD And HDD

Which is better SSD Or HDD? SSD: Solid State Drive, HDD: Hard Disk Drive. It's like asking which is better airplanes or cars? They're different and we'll talk about everything you need to know...
The Deep Web

All You Need To know About The Deep Web

The Deep Web is more important than most think. We hear a lot from friends or on the internet or even in movies about it. That it's full of crime,...

The Galaxy Note 7 story from start to end!

Galaxy Note 7 .. The Full Story, From The Beginning Till Its Death - A Special Report Although some considered it the best smartphone produced yet, Samsung announced on Tuesday that they...
Futuristic Password Replacements

6 Technologies Replacing Traditional Passwords

It became common knowledge that traditional passwords aren't enough anymore for security. Even the most complicated password can be hacked. The reason is that traditional password system became old and weak...

VPNs for more Cyber Protection

Virtual Private Networks or VPN is one of the most common services with a widespread around the world in spite of the legal issues associated with using it and the categories...

USB Debugging Explained.

If you're not an average Android phone, you probably crossed by the USB debugging term. You may as well have used it without even knowing it. Let's know what it does and...

Windows 10 Anniversary Update: New Features

Microsoft released Windows 10's anniversary update last week with lots of new features within that most if not all windows users have been waiting for. New Features: Windows Ink: Windows Ink Workspace Demo Allows you...
Benefits of science

Benefits of science

The definition of science Science is all kinds of knowledge and implementation and the set of issues and essential that revolve around a certain phenomenon is trying to be addressed through the...


Benefits of early sleeping and early waking up

Since ancient times parents and grandparents have been keen to follow many healthy habits that are beneficial for the growth and strength of the...