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Types of Media

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The role of media in society

There is no region or state in the modern era, but it has an integrated cadre of media professionals and means used in the field of media as this indicates its importance among the people and emphasizes that it has a great impact can’t be neglected, the developments in various public fields contributed to the development of the media, Where it becomes part of the society in terms of its impact on ideas and to inform the individual of all the events, that happens around him, as it is difficult for the individual to live without a full knowledge of what is going on around him and from this point the branch of the media to include most of what can be informed to people in order to give them the correct knowledge, and in this article we will discuss the types of media.

The concept of media


It is known as the means by which information is transmitted and distributed among people. Where it involves under several forms, including governmental organizations and profitable or non-profit institutions, all of which seek to form the idea and deliberate it among people and this idea usually takes the modern character, the element of credibility in the transmission of information material must also be available. This is mainly due to the community’s confidence in what has been produced. The media is not limited to the transfer of social events, but the branch of this body is divided into many aspects, including entertainment, politics, cultural and many others.

Types of notification

Where it can be divided into many types that differ in terms of the purpose of the material that is used, including:

  • Mass: by addressing a group of people such as the presidential speech and others.
  • Digital: This is done in modern digital ways such as video and photos.
  • E-mail: This is transmitted through the Internet that is included in the news sites.
  • Social and developmental: It is through which to research people’s problems and try to solve them.
  • Military: This is through which the transfer of military and war conditions.

The means of media


There are many means inasmuch of the recent developments in various fields during the most prominent of these means:

  • Readable media such as newspapers and magazines.
  • Audio such as radio.
  • Visible as TV.
  • The Internet, as it is the best way to integrate it between audio, visual and readable means. It is also characterized by abundance and this makes it easier for the user to know all the events that are going on around him.

Media tasks

Media missions are everywhere focused on how people are informed about things.

  • Representing the surrounding environment and the community concerned, which consists of people and educational and development institutions, in order to connect the public with social, governmental and service institutions.
  • Through which ads can be created to help people promote their goods.
  • Many awareness programs are provided for general guidelines.
  • Providing the community with new news as soon as it is acquired, which leads people to know what is going on around them.
  • Helps spread culture and education.
  • Contribute to the dissemination of entertainment programs for the comic and entertaining.

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