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What is the importance of freedom?

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Man is one of the finest creatures of God who distinguished him from others with his mind and ability to distinguish between right and wrong. He has given him the freedom of the path that he wants to follow after the he have sent his messengers and prophets, so freedom is the spirit that man lives, and no one can live within limitations, whether physical or moral, and the right of freedom is one of the rights that are born with man and live in him. Freedom is a word that its source is free, and the free is the person who rises from the small and is not subject to the restriction or the oppression of someone or control, which makes him act according to his nature and his will and his personal vision. In this article we will provide information on the importance of freedom.

The importance of freedom


Although freedom is a human right, it has limits that must not be circumvented so that it does not become a reason for restricting the other person. Many people ask what is the importance of freedom?. And the following lines answer this question:

  • Open the space for the person to be able to exercise his abilities in the place of choice of his own free will without any coercion.
  • Ability to disseminate information that a person possesses without any fear or hesitation.
  • Contribute to the organization of the dimensions of social life and create harmony among different groups within the community in order to achieve happiness.
  • Contribute to the sense of comfort and tranquility and psychological stability in the individual, asa injustice and repression calls for psychological harm.
  • The protection of society from the problems that may arise because of repression and compliance, when freedom is not applied correctly in society, the people contribute to the manufacture of laws and legislation governing and change any situation does not satisfy them, so the individual feels that he is important in his community and thus become more belonging to it.
  • Increase the creativity of the individual because of opening the way for him to innovate and implement and face the challenges and difficult circumstances, because of giving him more space to show these creations without restrictions.

Types of freedom

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Despite the similarity of the characteristics of freedom in various fields, specialists have divided freedom into several types:

  • Negative freedom: It leads to decisions without any impediments, but no real measures are taken to implement them.
  • Positive freedom: It is the one that emerges from the negative outcomes of freedom of expression where the available resources, data and visions are employed and are used positively.
  • Individual, personal or internal freedom: the process of making decisions and expressing them through views on personal matters such as: matters of home and personal appearance.
  • Collective freedom: the process of decision-making and expression through views of a group or society such as economic, religious or political matters.


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