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Artificial intelligence… Economical mutation and a weapon for the hackers

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There are many advantages and risks that each new technology shows to the world, as with Internet technology things, it appeared after the widespread of watches, glasses, smart accessories and other devices connected to the Internet, IT experts have begun to struggle over the benefits and risks of artificial intelligence techniques that have begun to appear to the world in the recent years, where some believe it will open new horizons in the development of business and services, while others see it as any other new technology will come to be a weapon in the hands of hackers  to use the Internet for malware and the development of hacking methods in addition to being an outlet and a new goal in front of them.

Expected risks

#Artificial intelligence
AI (artificial intelligence) concept.

In contrast to technical advantages, the co-founder of Jogelsergy Brin warned that the current mutation in artificial intelligence has created a rise in technology that contains many potential threats. Each month shows new amazing applications and technologies, but these powerful tools also bring new questions and responsibilities.

He assured that artificial intelligence techniques have also brought many problems, from the fears of science fiction to the questions closest to reality such as checking the performance of auto-driving cars, how artificial intelligence affects the future of work, the challenges of making unbiased and transparent algorithms, and the fears that these Technology will be used to manipulate people.

The fear of destroying the artificial intelligence of jobs and manipulating politics is likely to be part of any future debate with the need to curb the influence of major technology companies. Where Brin said that he is optimistic about the possibility of bringing technology to the biggest problems in the world, and he pointed out that the world is on a path that should be treated with a deep responsibility, care and humbling, and there is no room for retreating.

Investments exceeding $ 1.2 trillion#Artificial intelligence

Gartner Research estimates that the total value of global companies based on artificial intelligence will reach $ 1.2 trillion in 2018, by the increase of 70% over the previous year 2017. Artificial intelligence companies are also expecting to reach $ 3.9 trillion in 2022.

Gartner’s estimate of the value of AI-based companies is based on an estimate of the total value of artificial intelligence in all the major project sectors it covers. There are three different sources of value for AI work, customer experience, new revenue, and cost reduction.

In 2018, artificial intelligence growth is estimated to be 70 %, but it will slow to 2022, and after 2020 the growth rate will decline over the next few years.

When dividing the value of international companies depending on the type of artificial intelligence, so decision making support systems, just like deep neural networks will represent 36 % of the value of the global business sector based on artificial intelligence in 2018.

The importance of decision-making automation systems is focused on artificial intelligence in particular in tasks such as translating audio into texts and the opposite, processing handwritten forms or photographs and sorting out other kinds of visual data that traditional systems can’t handle. Because unstructured data and ambiguity are key elements in the corporate world, decision-making automation systems as they evolve, will bring enormous business value to large companies. Currently, decision-making automation systems account for only 2 % of the value of AI-based business in 2018 but will grow to 16 % in 2022.

Artificial intelligence and content development#Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence and development, after Microsoft, Facebook, Google and other global companies have invested in artificial intelligence, the world of marketing has changed quickly, with marketing methods become based on the allocation of campaigns, the introduction of content and experiences based on the intention of the target consumer, and that’s because artificial intelligence offers incredible potential to make content development more efficient, Gartner estimates that 20 percent of all business content this year will be developed and created by machines.

Here it appears that artificial intelligence can make creative decisions from a long and hard period to an almost immediately, what’s more, artificial intelligence can also help to create more suitability and personalized experiences for customers in actual time. Today, marketers need a multi-way approach to understanding the consumer’s journey from the beginning to the end, including the content and the basic systems, platforms and channels that will get your content to the right customer at the right moment. eventually, the consumer should feel connected and customized at the individual level. However, the challenge is the amount of data that data marketing companies collect every day from Consumers.

The future of artificial intelligence may be uncertain, but marketers need to find creative ways to benefit from its potential and improve their understanding of the consumer as well as improve and customize their experiences with brands, So the odds are endless. No matter what happens with artificial intelligence, one thing is certain: Companies and marketers that do not embrace it now, can lose an important strategic advantage and risk losing their competitive edge in the market for the future.

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