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Interviews are partly nightmares for some people. They make them nervous because they want to get their dream jobs. They are so important that we made a whole series for it. We’ll help you and provide you with all the necessary information to get you through this part confidently and leave the best first impressions on your employers.


A one-way street called Time

Einstein's successor, Rovelli, scientifically proves that there is neither the past nor the future Although we use it to measure age, and count hours, days and years, there are those who deny...

Practical steps for spontaneous healing

The pain is irresistible, unbearable, and painful for those who wake up at night and everyone who feels for them, worry about them, and loves them, but whatever the methods of...
humans are weirdos

All humans are weirdos, what you thought has already been proven

Everyday millions ask their best friend Google a lot of questions like "Am I normal?", and the internet became a refuge to a lot of us to know whether our behavior,...
Do Language do you speak?

How to Perfect Foreign languages in Just 4 Weeks.

Languages Are you thinking about learning a language? Great, you only need to follow this quick method of learning foreign languages invented by Leo Anders, a 64 years old who fluently speaks 20...
Snarky boss

Your Boss Already Hates you. 7 Methods To Make Your Boss Hate You.

How can your relationship with your boss affect your career progression? Undoubtedly career success is directly connected to success in daily routine therefore it's directly related to a good relation with your...
Self Discipline

Self Discipline Yourself To Success

Self Discipline In a Busy World. In a world of distractions, self discipline is a must have skill tone able to continue  with your life. Certainly most of us have found themselves procrastinating...

After 300 CV-s: An expert shows why people don’t get hired

In her life, Sara McCord read more than 300 CV-s. During her working period as an HR director in scholarships, she read and evaluated more than 60 employment requests annually there for...
making money

9 Signs to avoid in order to be rich

A Common belief There is a common belief that “Everybody has equal chances to make a fortune”. This was said by self-made millionaire Steve Siebold, but really can everybody be rich? Although no...
Computer programming

An Entrance To The World Of Programming For Beginners.

An Entrance To The World Of Programming For Beginners. Have you ever thought about entering the world of programming? What kept you from that? Do you see it as a strange world? Or do...
Teach yourself

13 Important skills you can learn for free!

13 Valuable Skills You Can Self-Learn For Free! Have you always wanted to be professional in Excel? Or to learn how to negotiate effectively? What about programming, becoming a better writer or...


Dear girl here’s why you should be proud of reaching your...

The society's stereotypical perception of a thirty years old woman is utterly disturbing, where thy her life is formed around a bunch of empty...

Symptoms of esophagitis