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Game of Thrones Theories & Predictions

*WARNING: POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD* In this list, we take a look at what kind of realistic theories GOT folks have come up with that might reveal both the past and the future. 1- Bran...
Smart people at work

10 Sentences Smart People Never Use At Work.

How Smart People Are in Work Environment? we all know that the work environment is ruled by certain regulations that are not to be crossed no matter the reasons. What is said...
Trick questions in an interview

These 3 Questions Are Designed to Trick You in an Interview.

Questions With a Hidden Reason In an Interview? Such questions are very important in an interview because it sometimes brings the applicant out of their comfort zone forcing them to improvise and...
Game of thrones

What if Game of Thrones was just a story?!

What if the story of “Game of Thrones” was just a story from Westworld stories? Note: Spoiler alert of Game of Thrones! Every now and then, Marvel and DC produce a special story...

Magicians assisted by demons!

Magic Such magic tricks from some highly skilled magicians has been a difficult matter to believe that it's only their skill and it doesn't include the addition of something that no body...

Riven vs Yasuo match up tips and tricks

How to play the riven vs yasuo match up and how to win it! Early laning, as long as you don't get hit by his Q, you'll eventually win the lane so...
Google Allo

Google Allo: The new instant messaging app from Google.

What is Google Allo? The challenge is big for Google to implement a new messaging app in our lives because the competition is fierce. Google's claim for this new app is the...
Game of Thrones

An Architect’s Guide to Game of Thrones (HBO)

A pretty good start for our article with a quote by the Australian set designer Deborah Riley from GOT who said in an interview before game of thrones season 6 went on...


How to care for dry hair

Beauty of hair Hair is one of the secrets of women's beauty, it highlight the beauty and elegance of women. Regardless of the quality of...

Symptoms of throat cancer