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These 3 Questions Are Designed to Trick You in an Interview.

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Questions With a Hidden Reason In an Interview?

Such questions are very important in an interview because it sometimes brings the applicant out of their comfort zone forcing them to improvise and that’s , to the interviewer, is incredibly important. Having the ability to know the personality of the applicant without him exactly what’s going on allows for a better selection method and the applicants who are sticking with a script instead of putting the effort in improving their personality.

How to Describe Yourself in One Word?

The purpose of this question is to reveal a lot about your personality. Your ype of personality and how much self confidence you have, how much you’re aware of your skills and if you’re the suitable for the job you’re applying for or not.

The answer to this question differs according to the profession you’re applying for. For example, if you’re applying for an accounting job, you shouldn’t describe yourself as being creative because accounting needs more accuracy than creativity.

Another example, A job in the department of research and development, it’s best to describe yourself as a creativity initiative personality. That’s how your answer to this question should differ according to the job you’re applying for.

2: Mention 3 weaknesses and 3 Strengths in Yourself. 

Here, the interviewer seeks to know your red lines that no one can cross and your weakness in terms of not being to work in a team or working under pressure or being punctual.

You must understand that for each job, it has its special requirements therefore you should mention the strengths in your personality that is matching the job. Should you ever mention your weaknesses, make sure it’s not something that’ll affect your performance at work. Also, you are to mention the vital steps which you’ve taken to strengthen those weaknesses. You should also be realistic with your strengths and weaknesses without much exaggeration.

3: Why do you want to work here?

The manager or the interviewer simply wants to know how you searched for this facility and much your work is related to it and if you had enough time to ideally get familiar with what exactly they do. You are to show your desire to work in this specific facility and that you fully know its aims and message and that you want to be an active part in achieving that message and pursuing their goals.

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