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The Existential Comedy Show ‘Rick And Morty’ Breaks Adult Swim Record

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The network confirmed yesterday, that Rick and Morty’s third season is officially the biggest and most-watched in Adult Swim history. Over 11 million people on April Fools’ tuned into a surprise livestream of the show’s season three premiere. More than 3 million unique visitors watching the livestream on Adult Swim’s official website and 8.7 million people watched on Facebook.
Further, according to the Nielsen surveys and Live+7 ratings, Rick and Morty is now the most popular comedy series on television for adults aged 18-34 in the US.
Rick and Morty is, yes, as good as you’ve heard, it’s also a very brilliant cartoon—in which Rick Sanchez, a geriatric mad nihilist scientist with a drinking problem and toxic personality, the show is steeped in existentialism, cynicism and horror. yep, it seems the combination of a sociopathic godlike genius and his grandson is a winning one with audiences.
The show balances between visual sci-fi comedy and a genuine commentary on the human condition. It’s status as both a cyinical and comedy work, it follows the misadventures of mad (mostly drunk) scientist Rick and his naive grandson Morty as they travel through planets and dimensions on an absurdly hilarious missions. This is more than a sitcom, it’s a very intellectual series and the most philosophical of it’s kind.
What’s ironic is that the highest-rated comedy on TV fans’ are becoming toxic, or should I say existential! -Wubba lubba dub dub

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