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14 Signs of twin pregnancy

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What are the signs of twin pregnancy, how does it differ from the normal pregnancy symptoms, to know more about twin pregnancy here are the following article:

When you know that you’re pregnant, your first question may be: Do I have twins? At the beginning you may feel symptoms, which occur as a result of hormonal changes that occur on your body, which makes you more tired, and these symptoms vary from pregnant to another.

Who are the most women pregnant in twins?

The chance of a woman getting pregnant with twins increases at:

  • Pregnant women over the age of 30 years.
  • Previous twin pregnancy.
  • Pregnant women who are taller than average.
  • Pregnant women with an excess weight of more than 25 kg.
  • Pregnant women with a family history of multiple pregnancies.
  • In the case of pregnancy with artificial insemination.

Signs of twin pregnancy

Twin pregnancy symptoms are not much different from normal pregnancy symptoms. But the twin pregnant woman usually feels with pregnancy symptoms more clearly than pregnant women with one fetus.

These are the most known signs of twin pregnancy

  1. Pregnancy hormone level

Pregnancy hormone is usually detected 10 days after pregnancy by urine or blood. In case of twin pregnancy the levels of this hormone in the early stage of pregnancy increases, but it is within the normal level.

  1. Early fetal movement

Several studies have shown that women with multiple pregnancies may experience fetal movement before the supposed time of fetal movement.

  1. Morning sickness

Morning sickness occurs in most pregnant women. But its frequency is doubled, and its dose is in women with multiple pregnancies.

  1. Fetal heartbeat

The doctor may use ultrasound and Doppler at the end of the first trimester of pregnancy, to detect the presence of pulses for more than one heart.

  1. Size of uterus

The size of the uterus expands when pregnant with twins.

The doctor continues to measure the height of the uterine floor throughout the pregnancy months to determine the age of pregnancy and in the case of twin pregnancy the depth of the uterus increases for a wider range of pregnancy with one fetus.

  1. Excessive fatigue

Twin pregnant women are more likely to feel tired. More tired than women pregnant with one fetus during the first trimester of pregnancy.

  1. Varicose veins

Twin pregnancy requires more blood flow for the healthy growth of the fetus, which increases the pressure on the veins in the legs and the incidence of varicose veins.

  1. Severe breast pain

Twin pregnant women may feel during the fourth and fifth weeks of pregnancy, severe pain in the nipples of the chest, which occurs as a result of hormonal changes, and the pain increases by the sixth week, while the color of the nipples gets darker than before.

Wearing bras can help relieve the pain.

  1. Weight

The weight of the pregnant woman gets increased significantly in twins since the early months of pregnancy.

  1. Increase appetite

When you have two children, your appetite will increase, to get your body’s needs for your child’s essential nutrients.

  1. Frequent urine

The twin pregnant woman needs to go to the ladies room to urine more than the pregnant woman with one fetus, due to the pressure and heaviness of the presence of two embryos on the bladder.

  1. Insomnia

Pregnant women may suffer from sleep loss because of the weight they carry, back pain, convulsions, indigestion, nausea and exhaustion.

You can sleep on your side with a pillow between your legs and under your belly; they are the best sleeping methods that will reduce pain during pregnancy.

  1. Depression

Twins pregnant women are more prone to depression, anxiety, stress and instability, even before they know about pregnancy.

  1. Back pain

Continuous back pain is increased in twin pregnant women, due to weight gain, hypertensive uterus, and excessive hormonal activity.

Standing straight, holding your breath and then relaxing can help you relieving of back pain.

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