Game of Thrones Theories & Predictions



In this list, we take a look at what kind of realistic theories GOT folks have come up with that might reveal both the past and the future.

1- Bran is the Night King

That’s what some fans are speculating and there’s actually a surprising amount of evidence to support this completely.

Reddit user turm0il26 believes that this Stark boy’s incredible powers and his ability to ‘warg’ – placing his soul in to the body of a different person or creature – means that he is actually the Night King.   In a detailed post, he states that Bran believes that he can rewrite history, so travels back multiple times only to end up fulfilling his own fate. He claims that Bran travels back several decades to prepare the Mad King for the White Walkers by whispering that he needs to prepare wildfire under King’s Landing. However, the Mad King is left believing he is hearing voices and instead tries to burn the city in a crazed frenzy.

 Bran then travels back even further in time and “succeeds to become Bran the Builder, building the Wall and securing his birth by building Winterfell and creating the words ‘There must always be a Stark in Winterfell’.”

The theory then claims that the third and final trip to the past takes him to when the Night King was created. While here, turm0il26 claims that Bran either wargs into the human who becomes the Night King, or tries to kill the Children of the Forest who create the zombie king. He ends up becoming the Night King as he has travelled too far back to leap back in to the present day.

Moreover, in season 6 episode 5 we have seen the Night King saw bran during his vision and touches him, he is the only one who can see him during his wraging ‘time-travelling’ while the others only hear his voice.

2- Arya and Sansa will kill Little Finger

The Stark girls might be the ones manipulating little finger.

Here’s some evidence from Redditor ScienceMuddafucka that suggests Arya could be planning more than she’s currently letting on:

  • Foreshadowing: We have quotes from as far back as S6 suggesting that Arya will protect Sansa.
    • No one can protect me.” – Sansa, S6E9
    • You need better guards.” – Arya to Sansa, S7E4
  • Protecting each other: After LF suggests Sansa use Brienne to intervene in the Arya-Sansa catfight, Sansa sends Brienne away and says that she has trusted guards here already. Sansa is not afraid of Arya, nor Littlefinger, and she doesn’t want the honorable Brienne involved in their lying and schemes.
  • Arya is trained in stealth: Arya was trained by assassins. She is far too stealthy to let LF know that he is being followed, unless she did this deliberately. In S7E4, Arya walks onto Brienne and Pod sparring just as Brienne says, “Don’t go where your enemy leads you.” In S7E6, the directors deliberately show us Sansa opening and closing a very squeaky door as she goes into Arya’s bedchamber. Yet Arya is able to sneak up on Sansa without a single noise.
  • Staged fights: When Arya confronts Sansa about the Northern lords talking badly about Jon in S7E5, the door is wide open. Similarly, when Arya confronts Sansa about the letter from S1, Arya projects her voice just as she is reading the letter. It’s almost as if they want someone to hear their fights.
  • The Game of Faces: In what seems to be the most psychotic Arya scene, Arya basically threatens to cut off Sansa’s face and pretend to be her. The entire scene is Arya playing the Game of Faces, presenting lies as truths. She even says that they are playing! She plays this game when she tells Sansa that she remembers Sansa standing on Ned’s execution stage – Sansa fought and screamed, and Arya knows this. Arya played the game when she told Sansa she would never serve the Lannisters – Arya served as Tywin’s cupbearer. Arya tells Sansa she wonders what it would be like to wear her face and her pretty dresses, to be Lady of Winterfell – we are beaten over the head since S1 that Arya HAS NEVER WANTED ANY OF THESE THINGS. Arya is playing the game of faces, and when she realizes Sansa hasn’t caught on to her lies, she hands her Littlefinger’s dagger, symbolically saying, “I trust you and want you to protect yourself from LF’s lies.”
  • The third eye: Do we really think there hasn’t been a single off-script scene where Bran tells them, “Hey, uh, LF kinda started the war of the Five Kings by lying about this dagger, betrayed our father, and is essentially the reason our whole family is dead.” We hear crows when LF comes out of the crypts with Jon, when Arya enters LF’s bedchambers, and again when LF and Sansa are talking in S7E6. These noises are very deliberate.

3- Cersei Lannister will sell her baby to the Night King 

There’s a huge theory that Cersei will take the white walkers as allies, and the only way to do that is by selling her baby to the Night King. You might think it’s silly but according to the nani’s words to little Bran in season one the Night King doesn’t talk, however, he can be bargained with. Moreover, we have seen Craster making the same sacrifice and selling his babies to the Night King.

4- Jaime Lannister is the Prince That was Promised and will kill Cersei 

According to many Redditors’ theories, Jaime Lannister is Azor Ahai for who doesn’t know Azor Ahai ​is a legendary figure in the faith of R’hllor, the Lord of Light. He was a legendary hero who lived approximately eight thousand years before Aegon’s landing. It is said that during the The Long Night, Azor Ahai rose up and defeated the other, wielding a sword of fire called Lightbringer. A prophecy foretells that he will be reborn as The Prince That Was Promised. He also killed forged a sword right into his wife’s (Nissa Nissa) heart. Jaime Lannister is the only one in the series with a golden hand with refers to the God of Light, and during to the ‘Cersei selling her baby’ theory, he will kill her trying to defend his baby. Another clue that Jaime to kill his wife is their son Tommen, Cersei was a major reason for Tommen’s suicide.

5- Gendry is Cersei’s and Robert’s child

Cersei described her son as having been a black-haired beauty who died of a fever. Gendry does not remember much of his mother, except that she was blonde. Cersei could have had a strong dislike for her son since she also had a strong dislike for his father, King Robert. She would have probably fancied Joffrey – or mainly a pure Lannister to sit on the Iron throne. She could have sent someone to kill the baby Gendry by poison, thus causing a fever that could have potentially killed him. I believe that whoever was ordered to kill Gendry could have retrieved some sort of chemical that could have caused Gendry’s fever, yet not cause him death. This individual would have then taken the boy and perhaps given him to another to raise him. This would make Gendry legitimate.



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