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Treatment of intestinal bacteria with herbs

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Intestinal bacteria

Intestinal bacteria are a type of organism that is important to complete the functions of the intestines, but its abnormal reproduction can lead to health problems. The intestine is part of the digestive system in the human body, extending from the end of the stomach to the anus, and it is divided into two parts: the small intestine and the large intestine, and it is necessary to protect it from harmful bacteria that cause intestinal problems.

What are bacteria?

They are simple one cell living organisms, one of the smallest that can be seen only by microscopy, not by the naked eye, bacteria live in special colonies scattered everywhere. Most are harmless to humans, and many of them live within the human body.

The reason behind the abnormal growth of bacteria

The stomach sends food to the intestines, and then the intestines push all that reaches it to the small and large intestine, where the bacteria enter in this process, which reduces the quantity inside the intestine, and if the bacteria stayed for long in theĀ  intestine they cause the increase of their numbers , And it is worth mentioning that the digestive system of the fetus in the birth stage is free of bacteria and bacteria begin to enter the body during the birth process and then begin to multiply.

The benefits of having natural bacteria in the intestines

  • Bacteria benefit from their presence in the intestines through flowing food and a warm and wet atmosphere inside the intestines.
  • The intestines benefit from bacteria by having them helping to push the food, and absorbing beneficial from it.
  • It stimulates growth in the gut lining.
  • Kill and prevent the growth of harmful pathogenic bacteria.
  • Improved intestinal muscle activity.

Treatment of intestinal bacteria with herbs

With the pathogenic bacteria entering the intestine, the search for natural solutions to the problem begins. There are many herbs that treat intestinal infections and gastrointestinal infections in general, and also help to strengthen human health.

  • Origanum: This herb is one of the most important herbs help in the treatment of intestinal bacteria, and recommended by most doctors.
  • Chamomile: One of the most powerful anti-treatment for all infections in the digestive system in general and intestines in particular.
  • Mint: Peppermint is considered one of the best herbs to aid digestion and inflammation.
  • Basil: one of the best herbs used to clean the intestines.

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