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Desert Plants and Their Names

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Herbs and wild plants

Desert areas are areas that lack water and are known for their hot and dry climate. They are home to wild plants that help treat many diseases. These wild plants may differ in their forms and types. These are perennial plants that last for many years, and the second type of plants that retain their seeds in the soil until the rain come to begin to grow and these plants may not live for a long time, and to know the benefits of these plants you must identify the desert plants and their names.

Desert plants and their names

Desert Plants and Their Names

It is possible to identify the desert plants through research and take a sample of those plants and examined in the laboratory and experience them on some animals experiment and ensure the safety of their use, some of these wild plants has been named according to the species to which they belong or the areas in which they live, and there are some of these desert plants:

  • Wormwood, a compound or so-called sunflower.
  • Chamomile plant of the sunflower.
  • Plant of the Zeitman of the Bulb.
  • The plant of Abu Greis or the slaughter, a member of the platoon.
  • Grapefruit plant, called rosemary.
  • Mustard Seed.
  • Cactus plant of wild plants living in highlands
  • The herb of the wound.
  • The blood of the deer of the Boraginian family.
  • The Susan plant of the Susannian family.
  • Borage plant of the oral species.
  • Wild dizziness plant of the Sadiron faction.

Benefits of desert plants

Desert Plants and Their Names

Studies have shown that desert plants are beneficial in the treatment of many diseases. However, care should be taken to prevent excessive use of these plants so as not to cause harm or danger to the body.

  • Helps strengthen the bones and get rid of the fragility; because they contain vitamin C.
  • Help regulate liver function.
  • It facilitates digestion and prevents constipation and diarrhea.
  • Maintains the urinary system and eliminates harmful bacteria and helps in the production of urine naturally.
  • Reduce excess body weight.
  • Help reduce blood sugar level.
  • Treats some skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and ringworm.
  • Get rid of jaundice.
  • Reduce high pressure.
  • Treats some cancers.

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