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Types of writing

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History of writing

Writing is one of the most important things that human beings have used throughout the ages. All of them began using all the methods available for writing. The writing was done in ancient ways, most notably the inscription on the stone. The inscription is considered one of the most important means of writing for the elderly, because it was widely used in the writing of what is going on inside them, in order to convey it to others. Writing on papyrus and paper is one of the most advanced ways of engraving on stone. The man then invented many modern means of writing machines and modern printing tools.

Definition of writing

It can be defined as the means by which a person seeks to document an idea or transmit it to readable symbols that are written in a common language or community, so that others can see them and understand them. The idea can be formulated in general by the symbols that reach out by hand, by dispersing the idea in the human brain in an understandable way. This requires many expressive and artistic skills to create the idea and its line well.

Types of writing

Types of writing

The writing is divided into many types, where the quality depends on the methods used by the writer in the refinement of ideas, and the most prominent types of writing include:

Functional writing: Functional writing is one of the important bases in achieving a special goal in the official lives of the people. It is used to express the functional need of the individual. It also does not require a scattering of feelings, sensations and verbal decoration, as it is more abbreviated and specific in transmitting the information to be delivered. Types of functional writing include:

Reports: It is one of the types of functional writing, which includes many functional facts about a problem or a specific subject in order to find a solution.

Administrative letters: A letter that is written in a formal manner in order to be sent to a responsible official body. Where the subject of the message revolves around work and jobs.

Curriculum Vitae: A type of career writing that focuses on what is written about the self, and the qualifications of scientific skills and experience in order to obtain a job, which aims to define the job, where it aims at functional definition.

Creative writing: Creative writing can be defined as a literary way through which the expression of emotions and feelings that roam the human soul, And the formulation through writing, in order to convey to people in exciting and interesting ways characterized by textual and expressive beauty, and the types of creative writing include:

  • Long novels and stories.
  • Poetry and prose.
  • Thoughts.
  • Articles.

The importance of writing

Types of writing

Writing has a great importance in human life as it is one of the most widely used methods among people because it is easy to understand and communicate the idea and its importance:

  • Is one of the most important means used to express the feelings and feelings that the one tries to convey to others.
  • It is the best way to save in several of literary and scientific aspects, as without writing people could not know the ideas, suggestions, philosophies and science of the former.
  • Contribute to the mental development of the individual, as its practice helps in the knowledge of the right words, and contributes to the right communication with people.
  • Through writing, work can be done to increase cultural and scientific information in the mind by practicing writing in the various aspects it covers.
  • It is a means of social reform, through which people can be urged to change for the better.
  • It can bring in a material return, by employing creative talent in specialized fields.

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