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The Effect of Smoking on the Heart

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Smoking is one of the worst habits prevalent in societies and the most harmful to the human body. Smoking affects almost all organs of the body, including the heart, arteries, digestive system, genitalia, bones, eyes and other parts of the body. It causes addiction and therefore it is difficult for the smoker to quit, and the harmful substances that enter the human body by smoking cigarettes are tar and nicotine and carbon monoxide.

Smoking risks

The Effect of Smoking on the Heart

Smoking is one of the main causes of lung cancer and causes damage to the vesicles inside the lungs, thus reducing their efficiency, which in turn causes respiratory problems resulting in inadequate amounts of oxygen to the body’s organs, which leads to many health problems.

The effect of smoking on the heart

Cigarette tobacco contains chemicals that directly affect blood cells, arteries, and veins. This effect causes damage to the functions of blood cells and arteries. The most common problems caused by smoking that affect the heart are atherosclerosis. The chemical in tobacco works to collect waxy substances inside the arteries and these substances harden over time, thus narrowing the area of the arteries or the formation of clots. The hardening of the arteries increases the burden on the heart, because the blood does not transfer oxygen enough to the organs of the body and therefore the action of the heart multiplies.

The effect of smoking on blood pressure

The Effect of Smoking on the Heart

Cigarette smoking and chronic hypertension have not been shown to be linked, but smoking a cigarette is enough to raise blood pressure temporarily and for several minutes after smoking it. It is worth mentioning that smoking causes atherosclerosis, which leads to high blood pressure.

Ways to get rid of smoking

Smoking is one of the most difficult challenges faced by a smoker. Smoking is a mixture of addiction and habit, but with will and determination smoking can be eliminated forever. One of the steps to help quit smoking is to remove all cigarettes related from home, car and workplace, keeping away from smokers as much as possible, and having foods and treatments that reduce the effect of nicotine withdrawal from the blood.

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