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Smart phones destroy psychological and health

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A recent study on a group of people who use smart phones has shown that it has a negative impact on personal life and is used as a way to wound feelings, rather than what is known about the health problems it causes to the body, such as eye strain, back and shoulders pain, and spinal problems.

Here is a collection of psychological damage caused by phones, of which …

Smart phones destroy psychological and health

  • Nomophobia

Nomophobia is the feeling of fear of spending the day without a phone, and the sense that it is what making you secure and safety, but in fact this is a kind of psychological illness known as phobia.

  • Anxiety

Anxiety is a psychological illness that needs to be treated for a long time. It can be caused by constant thinking about the number of missed calls that you didn’t answer or the addiction of text messages. And there can be exposure under stress from anxiety due to continuous checking of the phone.

  • Feeling despair and depression

Phones can have a hand in the incidence of despair and depression. By following social networking sites and checking others, you may reach the stage of dissatisfaction with yourself and start wondering, why can’t I be this or that?

  • Harm to the fingers and arm

Addiction to text messages can lead to damage to the health of the fingers. As for the arm, it is through spending a lot of time while talking on the phone, when lifting your arm to the head, this will lead to health problems in the formation of the arm, especially the elbow area.

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