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What are the types of freedom?

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Freedom is one of the basic human needs that people can’t live without it. Without its existence, man does not have the ability to think about what he wants, to implement his ideas and to transform them into a reality. This is reflected in his achievements in all fields. Freedom is one of the most important things that human struggle for in human history, because of the restriction of freedoms on human life, as in the past, rich classes placed restrictions on minorities and poor classes. There are many types of freedom that are related to man, and the question now is, what are the types of freedom?

Types of freedom


There are many types of freedom that are related to the affairs of human life, through which a person can do what he wants without the presence of pressure to prevent him from doing so, and the most important types of freedom is the following:

  • Personal liberty: It is one of the most important types of freedom, which concerns with what the person wants to do in his life in general, where he determines the course of his life through his own choices without affecting anyone.
  • Freedom of movement: It is a freedom that relates to the extent of human ability to move from one place to another without the presence of determinants to prevent his going to these places.
  • Freedom of personal security: This means that the individual has the full freedom to act in accordance with the laws and regulations established without being restricted, arrested, detained or threatened with his private life.
  • Freedom of thought: It is a freedom that is linked to human thought, where it is not permissible to restrict individuals intellectually, nor should be stolen ideas and intellectual achievements.
  • Freedom of religion: Individuals are entitled to embrace the religions they want without being restricted, and freedom to perform all religious rituals and worships related to religions.

Freedom controls


Human freedoms can’t be left to individuals without being controlled in such a way as to make the individual obtain freedom without derogation. The most important of these controls are the following:

  • Self-harmless: The freedom of man does not mean that he acts to harm himself out of personal freedom, he is self-reliant, and he must not harm himself in any way.
  • Restricting the freedoms of others: Human freedom should not affect the freedom of others. Man’s practice of his own freedoms excessively may sometimes affect the freedom of others. Here, the freedom of man ends when the freedom of the other begins.
  • Respecting public order: In the practice of their freedoms, a person must observe the provisions of the law, and his freedoms do not conflict with the articles of the law in the country in which he lives. This works to control the freedoms of individuals and their effect on the general regulations of the state.

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