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What is the importance of writing?

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The writing is one of the most important things that have been practiced through the history of ancient or modern man, which means the writing down of certain words on different media for the purpose of keeping what has been written for future generations. The process of writing has undergone many developments, whether at the level of writing it or the tools used in the process of writing down of words from different languages. The use of writing down has been used in ancient human civilizations. This has been shown in the presence of many manuscripts, some of which have been written down some words on them, and which have been translated to be used later. This indicates the importance of writing in ancient and modern times.

The importance of writing


The importance of writing in the life of man comes through the existence of many purposes of writing that can’t be dispensed with, and can’t be done without the process of writing the alphabet language, and therefore the importance of writing stand out through the following:

  • Education: The importance of writing appears clearly in the educational environment. The process of transferring the information requires an intermediary in which this information is stored permanently in order to return to it when needed. The student also needs to write while presenting the exams at various academic stages, on which the teacher relies heavily on the evaluation of student’s performance, and differentiating between their different levels.
  • Preservation of the teachings of religion: The teachings of religions are preserved in the hearts and the lines, and by the death of the custodians religious teachings can’t be applied in the right way.
  • Development of thinking skills: At the beginning of his life, the child needs to learn to read and write, which contributes to enriching his mind and increasing his ability to think and analyze, which in a distance can reach the stage of creative thinking through which he has a profound view of things and Non-stereotypical thinking that distinguishes him from his peers.
  • Preservation of the historical heritage: The importance of writing in the preservation of historical and cultural heritage through the ancient manuscripts, which reflect many aspects of life in the civilizations that were written in these manuscripts in its time, which includes some systems of life, and the laws of internal governance in civilizations, and some Prescriptions, some of which are still used today.

Electronic Writing

Electronic Writing

One of the most important implications of the evolution of human life is the existence of what is known as e-writing, through which the creation of content sites, blogs that contribute to the dissemination of specialized knowledge, and give the researcher what he wants through the existence of specific rules in the blogging, These blogs also help employees in providing a source of income through the process of blogging and re-reviewing what is written electronically.

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