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The importance of cooperation in life

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Human and social environment

Human beings live on earth and interact with the environment in which they live. And they can’t be isolated from it in any way. God created people in a manner of differentiation. There are the strong and the weak, the small and the big, the rich and the poor, the sick and the hale. All these people interact with each other in social and professional relationships. The concept of cooperation is one of the most important concepts that reflect the social cohesion. Each member of the society complements the other which reflects the importance of this social value and the importance of cooperation in life. And this article will address the importance of cooperation in life.

The importance of cooperation in life

cooperation in life

The importance of cooperation in life is illustrated by what appears in societies that help each other to achieve goals, or to push the harm away, and the lack of cooperation among the many results in many social damages. The following points are highlighting the importance of cooperation in life:

  • To increase the cohesion between the elements of the environment that includes a number of individuals, whether this environment social or professional.
  • Getting rid of some personal qualities that harm the human being, and make him unable to help people motivated by personal interest above the public interest, such as love of ego, and stupidity.
  • The importance of community cooperation reflects the love of people for people around him, and the person feels the inner happiness because of the smile that he is drawing on the faces of individuals as a result of cooperation among them.
  • Increasing the strength of a single society, the individual’s sense of importance to society and the importance of society to him, because of the increased ties between members of society, and the impact on the achievement of the goals of the humanitarian community as a whole.
  • Helping communities to promote individuals, and consider the needs of some individuals who need help, which contributes to the elimination of some social problems, such as poverty and unemployment.
  • The cooperation between members of society contributes to increasing the individual’s access to his social rights through the contribution of the members of society to the removal of grievances and the restoration of rights to their owners.

Cooperation and raising children

cooperation in life

The principle of cooperation in the life of children must be established during education. It is one of the most important things that a child must learn in his life. Otherwise, the child will be isolated from society and characterized by a lack of cooperation with his children. During the following:

  • Teaching the child to contribute even a small part of the house work under the supervision of his parents.
  • Helping the child to help the elderly and the needy wherever they are.
  • To help the child to give charity to those in need when he wants to enhance the value of his cooperation.
  • To reinforce the concept of cooperation for the child in the school environment through teamwork and group education.

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