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Benefits of science

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The definition of science

Science is all kinds of knowledge and implementation and the set of issues and essential that revolve around a certain phenomenon is trying to be addressed through the methods, theories and laws, as learning is the only way to reach science. The science required is not limited to religious or legal science, but secular science as well, and there are some sciences can be reached through study, education and conservation, and some of them come only by trying and failing. The science student must work hard to achieve the many benefits of science, and this article will provide ample information on the benefits of science.

Types of science

Benefits of science

Scientists agreed that science, which matters to man, can be divided into several typed to raise the level of specialization and facilitate the process of learning. These types of science are:
natural sciences: they include chemistry, biology, geology, and physics
human sciences: that concerns with studying man’s condition within societies
Cognitive sciences: such as informational and neuroscience science.
Engineering: the sciences that includes all aspects of engineering such as architectural design, atomic and nuclear science, and construction

Benefits of science

Benefits of sciencealthough scientists and scholars have different opinions towards the issue of various science division and, they agreed on the benefits of science for the individual and society, and they include :
1- The increase of the value of individual in society and the raise of his position, as those who seek knowledge, they raise their value among others. People in any society respect those who have knowledge and listen to what they say.
2- Reaching the truth: Without science no one would be able to have knowledge and   reach the truth of the myths, wrong thoughts and information that may appear during the stages of our lives. The first step to reach knowledge is the desire to learn.
3- The development and progress of the society, as civilization cannot be achieved without the development of science. The civilization, which suffers from ignorance, spreads in it, the space, the evils, the crimes and the instability, which leads to its collapse and disintegration.

4- The eradication of poverty and unemployment, as the development of science in the community is richin projects and job opportunities for young people and raise the economic level of the individual and thus the society as a whole.

5- To facilitate the lives of people and make them simpler and more flexible, as through the science, man can exploit the surrounding phenomena and harnessing them to serve him.

6- Eliminate epidemics and serious diseases that may arise, through the development of medicine and increase knowledge of the benefits of herbs and plants.

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