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General tech talk about what’s new and what’s available and some explanations about random topics.

Definition of science

Definition of science

Science and knowledge Since the beginning of human life on earth, man has seen many phenomena and things that need to be discovered, knowledge and exploited for the best, in order to...
Benefits of science

Benefits of science

The definition of science Science is all kinds of knowledge and implementation and the set of issues and essential that revolve around a certain phenomenon is trying to be addressed through the...
the types of freedom

What are the types of freedom?

Freedom Freedom is one of the basic human needs that people can’t live without it. Without its existence, man does not have the ability to think about what he wants, to implement...
cooperation in life

The importance of cooperation in life

Human and social environment Human beings live on earth and interact with the environment in which they live. And they can't be isolated from it in any way. God created people in...
types of culture

What are the types of culture?

The definition of culture There are many definitions of culture that vary according to the nature of the scientific field and the geographical location of "society." It is a loose term that...
The importance of language in our lives

The importance of language in our lives

Language Language is defined as a set of symbols and signs that people know, through which words are pronounced and their meaning is expressed in order to facilitate communication between people. There...

All you want to know about BIOS and UEFI

BIOS: Basic Input Output System. The BIOS is A very small piece of code implanted on a read-only chip in your motherboard. It's used to link your motherboard software and hardware together. In...

UFS: Samsung’s Hyper Fast external Storage.

Samsung announced a new type of external UFS storage that comes with up to 5 times the speed of the regular SD cards. Recently SD cards have enabled a lot...
Futuristic Password Replacements

6 Technologies Replacing Traditional Passwords

It became common knowledge that traditional passwords aren't enough anymore for security. Even the most complicated password can be hacked. The reason is that traditional password system became old and weak...
Magnus EN 980

Zotac magnus en980 complete review

Introduction to Zotac Magnus En980: GTX 980 and liquid cooling in a shoe box?? This is the Zotac MAGNUS EN980. A powerful mini PC with high end specs and of course a premium price...


10 Sentences Smart People Never Use At Work.

How Smart People Are in Work Environment? we all know that the work environment is ruled by certain regulations that are not to be crossed...
Benefits of science

Benefits of science

How to care for dry hair

How to care for dry hair