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General tech talk about what’s new and what’s available and some explanations about random topics.


Windows 10 Anniversary Update: New Features

Microsoft released Windows 10's anniversary update last week with lots of new features within that most if not all windows users have been waiting for. New Features: Windows Ink: Windows Ink Workspace Demo Allows you...

How I Saved You From QuadRooter!

During Def Con 24 in LA ( hacking conference) researchers have shown a  security gap exposed about 900 people of Android users to danger. QuadRooter is a security gap recently discovered to...

To Be An Android Developer.

Without a doubt, recently we have seen how much app stores have grown to open many doors for developers earn money from selling their applications. Android system is the most...
PC sticks

5 Of The Thinnest PC Sticks Till Now.

Computers have invaded out daily lives. There isn't a field in which computers aren't involved and sometimes being its core. Recently, companies have been working on decreasing the empty space...

UFS: Samsung’s Hyper Fast external Storage.

Samsung announced a new type of external UFS storage that comes with up to 5 times the speed of the regular SD cards. Recently SD cards have enabled a lot...

Multi-Core CPUs Explained.

Introduction: Multi-Core-CPU's are a major selling point for both PC and other devices ( tablets, mobile phones, etc). Multi-Core-CPU's: In the most obvious look of it, more cores suggests more power. But it's not...

USB Debugging Explained.

If you're not an average Android phone, you probably crossed by the USB debugging term. You may as well have used it without even knowing it. Let's know what it does and...
Magnus EN 980

Zotac magnus en980 complete review

Introduction to Zotac Magnus En980: GTX 980 and liquid cooling in a shoe box?? This is the Zotac MAGNUS EN980. A powerful mini PC with high end specs and of course a premium price...


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Scientists are about to know why

Scientists believe that they have finally understood why Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) occurs and affects one in five women. The condition happens due to the elevating...