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information sources

Types of information sources

Sources of information The sources of information in the history of ancient man were almost nonexistent, where the personal experiences, folk tales and legends were the only source of information, in addition...
learning a new language

Tips and guidelines for learning a new language

Many people want to learn new languages easily, but following the wrong way may cause you to spend a lot of time learning, or in the worst cases you may despair...
languages in the world

Number of languages in the world

Language is the means of communication understood by a group of people. The language contains the words and expressions that are used to denote all the things that are the center...
raising children

Which mistakes should be avoided when raising children?

  One of the most difficult tasks of the parents is to raise children on the right path; this task requires from parents great efforts as well as to pay attention to...
blue diamond

A rare blue diamond sold for $ 6.7 million

A rare blue diamond was sold at a public auction in Geneva for $ 6.7 million, after spending nearly 300 years traveling through the royal palaces of Europe and it was...

Practical steps for spontaneous healing

The pain is irresistible, unbearable, and painful for those who wake up at night and everyone who feels for them, worry about them, and loves them, but whatever the methods of...
DO you know?

DO you know?

Features of Smart Personality: has impressive leadership qualities. Think more and speak less. Focus on the depth of details. Prefer writing than speaking. A psychologist once says: Men forget but...
mass sacrifice

The story of “the biggest mass sacrifice of children” in history

Archaeologists have found remains believed to be the biggest mass sacrifice of children in human history. The remnant that was found shows the rituals that killed more than 140 children at...
Language Learning

10 steps to learn a language in 3 months

Fluency is tough to define. If you feel it means “speak a language as flawlessly as a native speaker,” then no, I don’t feel it’s possible in six months, much less...


Pokemon Go: The Hidden Truth.

" Pokemon gotta catch'em all" that's how this iconic anime started. It was so popular and spread across the world in its time and...
Causes of Baryglossia

Causes of Baryglossia