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Which mistakes should be avoided when raising children?

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One of the most difficult tasks of the parents is to raise children on the right path; this task requires from parents great efforts as well as to pay attention to the details and actions to avoid the negative effects on the child. In this topic today, we chose to give you the most negative mistakes harmful to child education.

How to raise your child without mistakes that affect him?

  • Blame and reprimand with screaming are two things that you must pay attention to them a lot when raising children, they reflect negatively on the child’s Psychological, and leave harmful effects on his personality. In this regard, you have to be careful about how to reprimand your child, focusing on dialogue, explanation and interpretation. When children make mistakes, they are not familiar with them, so it is important to explain to them instead of shouting and reprimands.
  • Excessive spoiling is also thing that you should be aware of in raising children, you may consider that showing your great love for your children requires you to spoil them, but this can be harmful to them in case of excess it, as many children have weak personality as a result of this, and they can become selfish and unable to accept others.
  • Also, accepting the various wishes of children and buying all that they want are also things that can be negatively reflected on them, which are mistakes that must be avoided in raising them. You have to be more clear and strict about this, where you bring them what they need and not what they want, and in this way, you teach them that they can’t get everything, but they have to be convinced with what they have.
  • Also, from the negative mistakes that must be avoided during the raising of children, is the comparison between them and other children, whether they are close to them or their friends in school. They often resort to this method in order to encourage the child to provide the best, but this generates a strange feeling towards himself, especially that his parents are dissatisfied with what he does, and feel hatred towards others who compare with them.


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