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Practical steps for spontaneous healing

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The pain is irresistible, unbearable, and painful for those who wake up at night and everyone who feels for them, worry about them, and loves them, but whatever the methods of treatment have developed, whatever the degree of illness and period of treatment, and whatever you or whoever carries the disease that’s inside your body is pessimistic, desperate or sad, be sure that healing process begins inside you, from the strength of your energy, determination, confidence, it starts from you, no one else, no matter how everyone around you tried to help you to overcome your plight, you will not get over it, but if you started from yourself and decided to get healed, here are these steps ….

Steps of spontaneous healing

First, trigger your energy:

The pain is difficult and the anguish is unbearable if we gave up to it. But do you know that you can fight it? Yes, you can, as the body is able to heal itself if it is saturated with positive energy and happiness full of satisfaction and confidence that the creator can heal you with good faith. Although it is difficult to implement these words in the beginning, but if you get trained, you will be surprised by the strength of its effectiveness on your life and its ability to change the situation, as the body responds to the mass of feelings you give to yourself and your body, so be careful of those feelings and make them full of love of life, yourself and your day and you will see that everyone who tried my words has found healing a gift for him.

Second, Positive confirmation:

Everything that affects us is coming from our wards. Words have special strength, they are full of feelings and those feelings are double-edged sword, so be careful to your feelings. In order to translate these words to reality and help you heal by transforming words from the conscious to the unconscious mind and repeat the full sentence of healing every day by writing it and focus all your energy while writing it, and so your energy will transform into a treatment within your body, as well as taking reasons in considerations, and you will seek change in your view of life again and your love to live and overcoming the pain with strength, calmness and tranquility. Yes, be confident and raise it inside you.

Third, helping patient:

Providing the need of the same value you need is a universal law. If you need healing, provide what you can to patients such as gifts or money. Whatever type, it does not matter. The most important thing is to plant the smile in the heart of need, you do not know which smile would make your tomorrow bright, give to take, charity is God’s law, it does not need justification, look for him and you will see its wonders …

Fourth, praising and thanking:

Thanking has an amazing impact on most innovators lives. Gratitude and thanking is the easiest way to do whatever you want. In a recent study, gratitude and thanking lead to happiness, reducing depression and increasing immunity against diseases. Be careful to praise for your recovery….

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