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Mark Zuckerberg: WahtsApp Business has more than 3 million users

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Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, said that more than 3 million people are using actively the WhatsApp Business application through the announcement of Facebook revenues for the first quarter of 2018, which amounted to 11.97 billion dollars, while the company recorded a net profit of about 4.98 billion dollars, despite a series of scandals in recent weeks culminating in Mark’s testimony in front of congressional committees.

Mark Zuckerberg also explained that the Facebook platform can add 70 million active users per month to become the number of active users to 2.196 billion active users per month, an increase of 13% year on annual basis, and added 48 million active users per day to 1.449 billion active users per day, an increase of 13% on annual basis, and that project has now helped nearly 100 million people connect to the Internet, compared to 40 million in November 2016.

The platform of the instant messaging WhatsApp owned by Facebook and used by 1.5 billion people and it has launched earlier in January an independent business application called WhatsApp Business, which initially provides users of the Android system in five countries, after WhatsApp that began checking of the accounts of the commercial activities in August and then plans that announced it initially to bring more commercial activities to its platform.

According to the Mark’s announcement, 91% of advertisements revenue: “Over the next five years, our focus will be on building economic systems around Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger, and although the company is still working on launching the WhatsApp Business application completely, but commercial business in E-mail and conversation applications such as electronic payments in Messenger will be important to the social giant.

WhatsApp Business is competing with other services such as Apple Business Chat, RCS for Android and Facebook Messenger, where all chat applications linking on commercial business with customers, and Facebook is likely to share more information at the F8 annual events conference to developer next week, where a large part of the agenda of the conference focuses on chatting, messaging and a messenger platform for posting chat robots.

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