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information sources

Types of information sources

Sources of information The sources of information in the history of ancient man were almost nonexistent, where the personal experiences, folk tales and legends were the only source of information, in addition...

Practical steps for spontaneous healing

The pain is irresistible, unbearable, and painful for those who wake up at night and everyone who feels for them, worry about them, and loves them, but whatever the methods of...

Dear girl here’s why you should be proud of reaching your thirties!

The society's stereotypical perception of a thirty years old woman is utterly disturbing, where thy her life is formed around a bunch of empty hallow questions. Wondering why she's not married...
humans are weirdos

All humans are weirdos, what you thought has already been proven

Everyday millions ask their best friend Google a lot of questions like "Am I normal?", and the internet became a refuge to a lot of us to know whether our behavior,...
Self Discipline

Self Discipline Yourself To Success

Self Discipline In a Busy World. In a world of distractions, self discipline is a must have skill tone able to continue  with your life. Certainly most of us have found themselves procrastinating...


What are the types of freedom?

Freedom Freedom is one of the basic human needs that people can’t live without it. Without its existence, man does not have the ability to...

Causes of diarrhea