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DO you know?

  • Features of Smart Personality:
    • has impressive leadership qualities.
    • Think more and speak less.
    • Focus on the depth of details.
    • Prefer writing than speaking.DO you know?
  • A psychologist once says: Men forget but do not forgive, while women forgive but do not forget.DO you know?
  • The Syrian pulp contains omega-3, which helps prevent high blood pressure and heart disease such as heart attack and atherosclerosis.DO you know?
  • Talking with the mother has the same effect as hugging and it helps to reduce stress levels significantly.DO you know?
  • There are clouds takes the shape of waves called Kelvin-Helmholtz are formed because of the facing between cold and warm current.DO you know?
  • The color blue helps stimulate the brain to release relaxing hormones, so it is the preferred color of study and relaxation.DO you know?
  • Looking at the green color makes the body release hormones that makes you feel calm and quiet.DO you know?
  • “I got benefited from my enemies more than your friends. as my enemies revel my flaws, so that I’d avoid them, when my friends decorated them.” Alexander the great.DO you know?
  • Sometimes talking to yourself loudly is a sign that you are intelligent and brilliant, not mad as the rumor says.DO you know?
  • If you feel stressed all you have to do is to wash the dishes, as scientists found that it clears the mind. reduce the stress and improve the mode to better. As washing the dishes requires physical effort and focus that makes you feel relax.DO you know?
  • Smell is the strongest sense connected to the memories, as if you smelled something as you did 20 years ago, you will be able to remember some memories you didn’t think you could remember them.DO you know?
  • Success is to live your life getting mocking by most of the people, then you live the rest of your life in a way that most people can’t reach. So don’t give up your dream no matter what the reasons were.DO you know?

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