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Types of information sources

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Sources of information

The sources of information in the history of ancient man were almost nonexistent, where the personal experiences, folk tales and legends were the only source of information, in addition to the reference to religion, which differed from one culture to another. At the present time the access to information has become available anywhere, whether from books, articles, newspapers, television or the Internet, this is because of the massive and rapid development which the age has witnessed, and the individual can choose the appropriate type of information sources to obtain information suitable for his research.

Types of information sources

Information comes every day in various fields, scientific, social, economic and political, and each type of information source belongs to a particular field, which is as follows:

  • Reference books: They are the primary sources of information where they contain scientific studies related to facts, numbers, statistics, definitions, dates, etc., and is a reference to numbers and dates.
  • Public Magazines: They contain topics and news of popular and universal interest, most of which are written by journalists.
  • Newspapers: It is an old source, and contains daily events, public figures, political news and great facts, useful for tracking the development of new processes and returning to them as a reference to the citation of an incident.
  • Academic journals: They contain scientific articles written by experts and subject to scrutiny, and tend to have a narrower focus and wider analysis of information.
  • Cognitive books: They contain a complete background on a subject, theory or public figure, and it is characterized in detail in the events and citing many sources of information for documentation. It may take many years for one book to finish because of the great detail.
  • Television: It contains a lot of visual and audio information, which features the presentation of documentary programs that can be returned as a reference to information.
  • Internet: The Internet has the largest source of information compared to other sources of information. It contains books, articles, encyclopedias, documents and many sources. The Internet is also comprehensive of all sources of information.

Social relationships

Social relations are the primary source of information, where there are many sources of information. Because of the many definitions of the term “source” and the importance of the social relations as a cognitive source, It is through interaction and motivation. Interaction generates many of the ideas that a person receives from the receiving person, where motivation generates the question in man, which is the key to knowledge, and the social relationship is the first cognitive source for man. In childhood, the child receives information from his parents before he is exposed to the other sources of information.


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