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How colors of the walls affect the mood

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It seems that the choice of paint colors, to paint the house is confusing, and disturbing to most people, some may admire certain colors, and consider them to be his favorite colors, however, after applying them on the walls, he discovers that they are not suitable for his personality or mood, so that some of the colors affect the mood in general, they disturb, or improve it, as the colors have a wonderful ability to control the psychological state of the person, in a positive or negative.

How do paint colors affect a person’s mood?


The red color increases the energy levels in the room. It stimulates appetite, directs people to interact, and start talking, if it is painted in living rooms or dining rooms. It creates a strong impression, at first glance, it is not recommended to use this color in the bedrooms, because it excites people, and makes them far from relaxing.


This color captures the sun’s rays and gives a sense of happiness, so it is best to use it in small spaces. Although it is fun, it is a color that is difficult for the eyes to carry, so it encourages frustration and anger. , Some studies have shown that crying in children increases in rooms with the yellow color, more than any other color.


It is one of the most relaxed colors, it works to reduce blood pressure, breathing, and slow heart rate, so it is the ideal colors for bedrooms and bathrooms, and it works to increase production, by calm the mind, and allow creativity to flow, and This is a good color for office paint, and it is recommended to avoid using it in kitchens, living rooms, and dining room, so that it increases the feeling of slow and depressed.


The color of nature, which is most comfortable for the eyes, provides a feeling of relaxation, revitalization, and a sense of serenity. When used properly, the fresh and clean green color gives a feeling of vitality, while the olive color gives a feeling of depression. For greenery color, it gives a sense of energy and activity, and recommended for all rooms.


It is a combination of red and blue colors that create an atmosphere of balance and gives a sense of calm. It is recommended to use dark purple for office paint, giving a luxurious shape while using light violet or lavender color to paint children’s rooms.


This color tends to stimulate excitement, just like the red color, as it increases energy levels when viewed, so it is recommended to use in the exercise rooms, while avoid using it in bedrooms or living rooms.

Neutral colors

White, black, gray and brown. As the black color gives strength and elegance, and it gives the room depth, while white gives purity and cleanliness, provides a clean background for other colors, and uses brown or tan, to create more dirt areas.

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