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HomedecorHow to choose the right lighting in the house?

How to choose the right lighting in the house?

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The choice of people is different for lighting the rooms, and the appropriate lighting is a source of comfort. The increase or decrease of lighting may lead to a headache or affect the ability of focus. Here are some tips for choosing the most suitable way to distribute indoor lighting:

It is common to light the entire room from one or two sources of light, but it is recommended to use more than two sources and distribute them to complement each other, and provides energy saving, where the room can partially lighted, in case there is no need to light some aspects of the room.

How to choose the right lighting in the house?

It is preferred to use the control of the brightness of light, it helps to save energy and prolong the life of the lamps, and also enables us to change the brightness as needed during the day, or according to the desire of the person, each person differs from the other in his acceptance of the brightness of light.

The appropriate bulbs should be chosen. It is recommended to stay away from the cylindrical lights and choose the kind of lamps that can be supplied with the brightness control, including the white A-19 LED.

How to choose the right lighting in the house?

The type of lighting should be chosen to suit the activities related to the rooms. For example:

  • In the Dining Rooms, the lighting must be directed from the top and equipped with a brightness control.
  • In the kitchen, workplaces should be identified and lighted up directly, and as a standard the light source should be lower than the view level.
  • Living rooms, you should use more than one way to light the living rooms, you must combine lamps installed on the floor of the room and on the tables and the ceiling, and can be used in the decor of the rooms.
  • In the bathrooms the light brightness should be relatively high compared to the rest of the rooms of the house.
  • In the bedrooms, focus light should be near the bed to help reading, and near the places where the clothes are worn, and the lamps installed in the ceiling must be equipped with brightness control as well.

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