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Methods of Slimming Abdomen and Waist

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Many people suffer from the accumulation of excess fat in the abdominal and waist areas, and this gives the body a disjointed and inconsistent view, so everyone who suffers from this condition tries to get rid of excess fat and look for ways to slim the abdomen and waist. In this article, we will mention many methods of slimming. The accumulation of fat differs from one person to another depending on the nature of the bodies and the different when the of women reach the menopause, it causes the accumulation of fat in addition to the repetition of pregnancy and childbirth, and others, which requires adherence to the ideal ways to slim and maintain fitness. Therefore, we will provide ways to slim the abdomen and waist during this article for anyone who wants to get rid of the fats of these regions.

Methods of slimming abdomen and waist

Methods of Slimming Abdomen and Waist


  • Eat healthy foods that do not cause the accumulation of fat in the abdomen and waist. These include: vegetables and fresh fruits, whole grains such as wheat, oats, brown rice, and beverages that increase burning rates such as ginger, green tea and cinnamon, and warm water mixed with lemon.
  • Avoid junk food because it causes large amounts of saturated fat to enter the body. It also provides empty fat calories that cause obesity in the abdomen and waist, such as pizza, burger, sweets, cookies and ice cream.
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water per day. As two cups before each main meal to reduce the amount of food eaten and to discourage hunger.
  • Exercising on ropes, aerobics exercises, and other sports that help burn calories and tighten abdominal muscles.
  • Methods of Slimming Abdomen and Waist
  • Get enough sleep at least eight hours a day, because adequate sleep helps regulate metabolic processes and not store belly fat.
  • Check with your doctor to make sure there is no health problem that causes the accumulation of fat such as thyroid disorders or abnormalities in the body’s hormones, slow metabolic processes, and treatment of the problem if there is any.
  • Try to avoid dinner as much as possible, and not to eat fatty meals after 5 pm, if it is necessary to have dinner, it should be before 8 pm.
  • Never neglect breakfast, because its neglect causes large amounts of food to eat, and the body stores fat in the abdomen if it is prevented from eating too much.
  • Never drink soft drinks, because it is one of the largest causes of accumulation of fat in the abdomen, and avoid drinks containing artificial sweeteners, and eat natural juices instead, or eating the whole fruit because they contain dietary fiber.

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