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Tips for small home decor

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Many people feel frustrated when they live in small houses, where they are unable to act freely when designing a house. Their homes are either empty or barren because of these restrictions, or they may become overcrowded when they try to provide them with all the decorations and furniture they like.

But in fact, looking for balance is the best solution. Here are some tips to help you get a house that looks more spacious:

When painting the house, note that the color of the paint you choose may play a key role in showing the home more than its natural size, so consider the following:

Choosing the light colors of the paint, they increase the space of the place.

Choosing one color for all the rooms of the house, as choosing different colors from each room’s paint makes the house appear smaller, while the one color makes it seem larger than it is.

When buying home furniture, consider the following:

Choose the furniture with large storage areas, such as couches with storage boxes, and the beds under which things can be stored.

Choose the small pieces of furniture, the large furniture makes the place crowded and uncomfortable, as small pieces of furniture make the same purpose without narrowing the place.

Choose bendable furniture, such as the desks inside cupboards, and dining tables that are smaller or larger as needed.

When selecting accessories, consider the following:

Do not exaggerate framing and accessories on the wall.

Use mirrors to adorn instead of frames and pictures.

Use light curtains, so as not to narrow the place, and to allow the passage of light that gives more space for the place.

Last note…

Leaving the doors open between the rooms gives additional space for the place, especially between the different halls.

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