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How to choose the right lighting in the house?

How to choose the right lighting in the house?

The choice of people is different for lighting the rooms, and the appropriate lighting is a source of comfort. The increase or decrease of lighting may lead to a headache or...
How to choose the color of your home carpets?

How to choose the color of your home carpets?

The carpet provides a comfortable spot for children to play, reduces the risk of injury during the fall, as well as the aesthetics that give the home an atmosphere of comfort...
Tips for small home decor

Tips for small home decor

Many people feel frustrated when they live in small houses, where they are unable to act freely when designing a house. Their homes are either empty or barren because of these...
decorate a birthday party

Ideas to decorate a birthday party

A birthday party is an occasion of interest to everyone, as it is one of the occasions that make a person feel loved and important to others. Usually, everyone is keen...
bathroom look like a spa

Tips to make the bathroom look like a spa

Many of us want to transform our private bath into a beautiful resort, as in the resorts of clubs or health centers, where people feel comfortable and relax their bodies and...
Colors in the winter

Colors give your home warmth in the winter

Colors are one of the most important things to consider when designing homes and decorating rooms. Some colors contribute to making the room fun, while others contribute warmth to the room....
colors affect the mood

How colors of the walls affect the mood

It seems that the choice of paint colors, to paint the house is confusing, and disturbing to most people, some may admire certain colors, and consider them to be his favorite...
fountain at home

Benefits of the fountain at home

The presence of artificial fountain in the home amid an aesthetic environment of green nature helps in obtaining part of the natural sanctuary that we need after a hard day of...
Decorate your house

Decorate your house with things you already own

Changing the arrangement of the house furniture or adding some decoration helps to rejoice and change the routine, but sometimes buying some decorations is expensive. Are there some ways you can...


Damages of smart devices on the family and society

The damages of smart devices on the family and the community are between healthy and social, because of the spread of their use among...
Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go: The Hidden Truth.