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Benefits of the fountain at home

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The presence of artificial fountain in the home amid an aesthetic environment of green nature helps in obtaining part of the natural sanctuary that we need after a hard day of work and pressure, as the man always seeks to approach nature and distance from the noise of cities and the accompanying momentum Psychological, physical and mental life.

Although this sanctuary is one of the difficulties facing us in the circumstances of our lives, we can, despite all of the above, get a spectrum or part of what we seek from the natural calm and psychological comfort in our homes, where

Benefits of the fountain at home

The nature associated with water resources, like all rivers, provides us with many benefits, including the following:

Psychological side

  • Studies have shown that the bubble of water helps increase concentration and ability to meditate and treat mental distraction.
  • Studies have shown that the sound of water, such as bubbles or rain drops, has a psychological and positive impact on humans.
  • The secretion of the hormone of happiness in the body increases when the ear hears the sound of water.
  • The origin of man is a water object that begins the first nine months in a water basin enclosed in his mother’s womb, which explains the positive effect of water on us.
  • Water has a positive psychological effect that enhances the psychological ability of man to coexist and adapt to the ocean.
  • The presence of water around the house increases the ability to absorb negative energy from the ambient atmosphere.

Environmental side

  • The presence of a fountain inside the house contributes to the purification of air inside the house of the dust and impurities in it, because of its continuous rotation.
  • The continuation of the water cycle in the fountain attracts harmful substances in the air and the microbes, so that the water creates an environment suitable for it and thus purifies the air.
  • The addition of some oil perfumes of the fountain helps to change and create a beautiful smell at home.

Aesthetic side

Home decoration has become one of the most important elements that we care about as residents inside closed houses because of the lack of aspects that affect the positive effect on our psyche and that our houses no matter how big or small are our palaces that we always want to be the best and the most beautiful and therefore must consider the following: –

  • The decor should be closer to nature in terms of design.
  • It contains some natural elements other than water, of course, such as stones and rocks that give natural beauty.
  • Surrounded by some natural plants that add and confirm the desired landscape.

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