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8 Worst Mistakes You Could Make In Your Twenties!

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You finish your education in your twenties. You’re certain or at least have a pretty vivid idea of you want to do with your life, what you’re good at and  a solid vision of your future but you might make mistake at critical moments that change your whole life.

1st: Talent And Graduation Certificate Are Enough For Success.
Graduation Mistakes

Intelligence, perspicacity and prestigious education are of course advantages but they mean nothing if they aren’t backed up with hard work.

Your hard work, past experiences, good relations and continuous upgrade of your skills are all important factors for everlasting success.


2nd: Careless About Saving Money.

One of the studies held in Bankrate – New York, proved that 69% of 18 – 29 years old individuals haven’t retirement savings.

While retirement could be far away from your perspective now, you’re not doing yourself a favor by not saving for it because sooner or later, it will come.

” There’s isn’t a need for many investments in the beginning of your career life but there’s always a necessity for retirement savings, even if it’s just a small portion of your resources” Said Co-Founder of Kamcord Aditya Rathnam.

3rd: Money Is Happiness.
Money And Happiness
Money And Happiness

While crying in a Lamborghini seems far better than going to work on a bicycle, don’t make your hope just to make money and forget your career passions and your personal passions as well. While career achievements may indeed lead to wealth, doing it just for the money isn’t going to either benefit you in the long run or when you reach your destination.

4th:  Not Living Healthy.
Healthy Diet
The Right Choice


As you age, you’ll know that you’re not able to do what you easily used to do. Your body has limitations. We , youth, have countless ways of skipping the whole living healthy thing for example fast food, smoking, alcohol, insufficient sleep and many more.

5th: Relinquish Critical Situations.
Tough Decisions Ahead
Tough Decisions Ahead

Whether it’s relationship disappointments, getting fired or losing your money in a project. They all seem disastrous at first glance especially the first time you face them yet you are not to give up your dreams and goals. Always seize the opportunity to learn from your mistakes. You learn more from a mistake than a success.

Getting fired and waking up the next day like nothing happened is enough of an indication that failure isn’t the end of the world. Relationship failures help you define the difference between a good and a bad relationship. You’ve always known that but you never remember till it happens.

6th: Procrastination.
Procrastination Wins

Usually procrastinating in this age is with the concept of waiting till things get better or waiting for the right time which never really comes.

Nothing will change till you decide to take a step forward. It’s never going to be the right time to change careers or things get better till you do something about it so plan well for what you want to do then start doing it.

7th: Trying to Please Everyone.
Can't Please'em All
Can’t Please’em All

In the beginning of your career, you’ll instinctively and willingly want to please your managers and supervisors as well as colleagues. Instead of trying to make everyone happy, focus on your personal morals, happiness and acceptance simply because you’ll never manage to make everyone happy.

8th: Having a Partner as Major Goal.
Let Love Come By Itself
Let Love Come By Itself

Some will focus all their effort in finding a partner and it may develop to something far worse which is taking whoever comes if they didn’t manage to find a suitable partner in a certain duration. Don’t make having a partner a major goal but consider it a way of improving your life and adding a new meaning to it and most of all, don’t let it drive you away from your main goal which is achieving your dreams.

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