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Recommended Attire For A Successful Job Interview!

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Interviews, some consider them a nightmare and they can be. The tension and the preparation for it ,especially if it’s for a prestigious job, can be immense. In this series, we’ll cover all of the interview aspects that you need to efficiently and confidently pass your interview casting the best first impressions as a high potential candidate. So let’s get started!

How to Dress For an Interview?

Knowing how to dress right for an interview can give you a very amazing appeal. On the contrary, improper dressing could significantly lower your chances of getting that first impression.

For Men’s: 
Men's Dress code
Men’s Dress code
  • Dark single suit ( solid colors).
  • Long sleeve solid color shirt.
  •  Sleeve shouldn’t extent too far to the hand.
  • Face shaved and beard trimmed.
  • Cuffed trousers for tall men and not cuffed for short.
  • A quality business pen.
  • Tie and belt.
  • Briefcase.
  • Neat hairstyle and trimmed nails.
  • The only jewelry you should have are either your glasses and a watch. Not more.
  • Shiny shoes with matching color socks.
Men's Dress code
Men’s Dress code

For Women’s:

Women's Dress code
Women’s Dress code
  • Solid color suit ( black or dark grey).
  • Skirt should be over your knees.
  • Neat solid color blouse.
  • Conservative shoes.
  • Not too excessive jewelry and no jewelry at all is better than cheap jewelry.
  • Earrings only is a good choice and if you have lots of piercing, consider leaving some.
  • Professional hairstyle.
  • Light make-up and good quality perfume.
  • Trimmed nails and a briefcase.
Women's Dress code
Women’s Dress code

Color Choices: 

Choosing the right color will help you cast your confidence, professionalism and seriousness.

What’s Not Bring to an Interview?

  • Gum.
  • Cell Phone ( if you have to, please put it on silence mode or turn it off).
  • Soft Drinks ( soda, coffee, etc).
  • Cover tattoos.

General Tips For an Interview.

  • Make sure you give yourself enough time to prepare for it so don’t schedule it rapidly unless you have to.
  • Fresh mouth breath.

*Congratulations, you’ve just made it through your first step. Onto the next stage of your journey to success!

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