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When Do Bruises Become Serious

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Spots under the skin

People may be injured as a result of clash or exposure to a variety of accidents, causing bruising in the body, in the form of tumor in different areas. The bruise is a rupture in the affected area, leading to bleeding under the skin, because rupture of capillaries under the surface of the skin, so the blood does not find a way to exit, so it gather in the place under the skin without the occurrence of wounds. But it leaves some effects on the body, and often affects the children, so you have to pay attention and hurry to treat the bruise, and you must know when the bruises are serious to try protection and treatment to get rid of the damage that may result.

Causes of bruising

When Do Bruises Become Serious

There are many reasons for the appearance of bruises, and they vary depending on the type of skin, and the more areas prone to bruises are legs and arms, and these reasons are:

  • Falling from a high place that sometimes leads to fracture or twisting of one of the joints.
  • Thinning the skin where the layer that protects the skin becomes less thick, and that happens with aging.
  • Direct and continuous exposure to sunlight.
  • Genetic factor.
  • Stroke injury.
  • Malnutrition, as a deficiency of some nutrients in the body, such as vitamins.
  • Some diseases of the blood.
  • Liver disease.
  • Vascular disorder.

When do bruises become serious?

When the person becomes bruised, the red begins to appear, turns blue, and after a few days turns yellow or green. If the bruises are simple, the skin returns to its normal color after a short period of time, but the bruises may be serious, and the period of recovery extends for a long period of time, causing severe pain, swelling, and sometimes lead to a break or fainting, leading to concussion in the brain and lack of focus, so you should know when the bruises serious, and see the doctor; as the risk increases, especially if the person was taking blood thinners.

Ways of protection of bruising

When Do Bruises Become Serious

It is possible to accelerate the treatment of some types of bruises at home, in order to reduce the flow of blood, may need to go to the doctor in some cases, and the most important methods of prevention:

  • Lift the affected organ above the heart level; to prevent the blood from flowing to the affected area.
  • Put the injured organ in a relaxed state.
  • Put an ice bag on the place of injury, so as to reduce the leaking of blood from the blood vessels, and then after several hours or a day you can put warm compresses.
  • Massage the area surrounding the affected area in the form of circular motions.
  • Clear the affected area with vinegar and warm water.

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