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Damages of the Ganglion cyst in the Hand

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Ganglion cyst

The ganglion cyst is common medical problems that affect many people at different ages. It is defined as a non-cancerous mass that grows mostly along the tendons or joints in the hands and wrists and may grow in the ankle and foot. The ganglion cyst is characterized by round or oval shape, filled with jellied liquid, and the size of it is usually small as the size of peas, but in some cases its diameter may exceed to 2.5 cm. In this article we will talk about the damage of the ganglion cyst in the hand and its causes and treatment methods.

Damages of the ganglion cyst in the hand

Damages of the Ganglion cyst in the Hand

Generally, in most cases, the ganglion cyst does not cause any damage and often appears and disappears quickly. However, there are some cases that may cause health problems to the person. The most prominent damages of the albumin sachet are:

  • Restriction of the movement of the joint is one of the most significant damages of the ganglion cyst in the hand, and this is because the ganglion cyst will pressure the nerves and increase this pressure whenever the size of the ganglion cyst is larger, limiting the movement.
  • Feeling pain when moving hand.
  • Stiffen the hand’s joint, since the ganglion cyst puts pressure on the nerve in the hand, the patient will avoid moving the hand, and over time will lead to stiffness of the hand.
  • The most significant damage to the ganglion cyst in the hand is the distortion of the hand, and the larger the size of the bag, the greater the deformation of the hand.
  • An infection occurs in the area, a rare damage that may occur in the albumin sac.

Causes of ganglion cyst in hand

The causes of ganglion cyst are not entirely known, but according to medical statistics, the incidence is more common in women aged 20-40 of men, and doctors believe that there are reasons to increase the likelihood of infection and most notably:

  • The hand is heavily stretched and moved, so the injury is frequent among golfers and gymnasts, and those who use computer and manual skills for long periods.
  • Inflammation of the joints of the hand.
  • May occur due to the expansion of the gels surrounding the tendons in the hand.

Treatment of the ganglion cyst in the hand

Damages of the Ganglion cyst in the Hand

The ganglion cyst is often painless and requires no treatment, but if there are complications and damage to the ganglion cyst in the hand, the doctor may recommend the treatment with one of these methods:

  • In simple cases, the doctor recommends placing a temporary splint on the affected hand. This will lead to the fluid being emptied and the pressure on the nerves in the hand will be reduced.
  • The fluid in the ganglion cyst is removed through a needle, but in most cases the ganglion cyst will return after a short period.
  • Surgical removal of the sac, but it may reconstitute and form again after surgery as well.

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