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Methods of Treatment of Melanin Deficiency

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Skin problems

Some people suffer from skin problems, such as skin discoloration, due to a severe lack of melanin, a dye that is responsible for coloring hair and skin, showing light white spots in several areas of the body, affecting the mental state of the affected person. And causing embarrassment in dealing with others, and the appearance of spots vary from person to person, due to the difference in the production of dye in a single cell, so you must know the methods of treatment of melanin deficiency. Studies have indicated that the owners of dark skin are less prone to skin cancer, due to the increased concentration of melanin dye in their skin.

Causes of melanin deficiency

Methods of Treatment of Melanin Deficiency

The causes of melanin deficiency vary from person to person. The disparity is due to several reasons and causes of illness or acquired, and these reasons are:

  • Pituitary gland disorder that produces pigmentation hormone.
  • Genetic factor.
  • Lack of nutrients in the body, such as some vitamins.
  • Some diseases, such as diseases of the digestive system.
  • Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), a retrovirus that causes AIDS.
  • Excessive use of chemicals.
  • Psychological disorders, exposure to panic and extreme sudden fear.

Methods of treatment of melanin deficiency

In fact, there is no specific treatment for melanin deficiency, but some treatments can be used to help standardize the skin, including:

  • The skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiation, which increases the production of melanin, and that is the most common treatment for melanin deficiency.
  • Some types of oral medications that increase the sensitivity of the skin towards light.
  • Use of skin creams.
  • The doctor may sometimes remove the infected skin and replace it with another skin of the body, this method is called patching method.

Treatment of melanin deficiency with herbs

Methods of Treatment of Melanin Deficiency

Caution should be taken when using herbs and natural substances in the treatment of melanin deficiency, and consult with your doctor; in order to not cause damage to your body and these treatments are:

  • Rub the affected areas with ginger, or drink ginger juice with lemon and water.
  • Place the honey on the affected area.
  • Make a paste of the Neem herb and water and place it where the infection is, or drink the herb with water; to strengthen immunity in the body.
  • Mix turmeric with water and apply it to the place of infection, twice a day.
  • Use the rose water to clean the skin daily, as it increases the dye of the skin.

Melanin deficiency

Melanin deficiency is classified as a common disease, and the most important diseases that result from it, and might have similar symptoms, and these diseases:

  • Vitiligo disease where patches appear on the skin on certain areas of the body in white, and appear more on the hands, face and neck.
  • Psoriasis is the appearance of scales on the skin.
  • Wounds and burns on the skin.
  • Leprosy, a deficiency of melanin, means a change in the color of the skin, especially the eyes, which cause severe sensitivity to light.

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