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Pokemon Go: The Hidden Truth.

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” Pokemon gotta catch’em all” that’s how this iconic anime started. It was so popular and spread across the world in its time and was. Despite the rumors surrounding it, they managed to have more than 900 episodes divided on 9 seasons starting 1997 till the latest XYZ season. It was a major hit that lasted for almost 19 years. During these years, a lot of accusations and rather strange opinions that we wouldn’t have heard of except for pokemon. Yo-Gi-Oh and Conan and even Digital Heros, all these animes didn’t get as much accusations of being related to freemasons, opposition to Islam and many others till our recent days. The launch of the game was such a major hit that we didn’t experience for a long time. It’s developed by the recently separated from Google, Niantic.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the claimed dangers to which you’re exposed while playing this game.

This article looks to the game from a different standpoint so if you’re not willing to either knowing it or discussing it, I recommend you to stop reading and look for what you really want.

Let’s Firstly Start with Niantic, Inc.

Active Users On Twitter VS Pokemon Go
Active Users On Twitter VS Pokemon Go
  • It’s an American company in San Francisco, California. Founded by John Hanke The company started in 2010 under the name of Niantic Labs under Google’s recognition till it was separated in October 2015.
  • The company was known with its interest in developing and designing games and Augmented Reality which links your mobile’s camera to the real world for shapes and drawings to appear in the background of the place you took a picture of.
  • The first of its project is Ingress. It’s considered to be one of the best augmented reality despite not scoring large numbers. Only 10 million downloads on Google Play since it was launched in 2013. The seconds project, however, is Pokemon Go which got the 10 millions in its first week aside from exceeding the daily users on Twitter.
  • After the separation from Google, Niantic partnered with Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, the copyright owner of the characters, the games, the anime and all of the pokemon products to make Pokemon Go. Utilizing adding pictures and paintings using your phone’s camera, they developed this game based on augmented reality.
  • Rumors And Opinions.
  • Since the launch of the first episode in 1997, a lot of us heard that the anime was related to freemasons and the illogical translations of some words to make people use it as codes among each other. Even for a  child to memorize pokemon as a word which , according to rumors at that time, meant ” There is no God” will endanger religions. Those words had no hidden meaning or translations. In fact, Pokemon means ” Pocket Monster”. The whole anime is based on the idea of keeping a monster in a red and white ball with some changing color in the following seasons in your pocket.

The Next point: was that the anime promoted for Darwinism. Darwin’s theory of biological evolution which contradicts with Islam and Christianity.

Finally: With the game launch, the rumors didn’t stop. We’ll try to elaborate here. The most recent one , especially in the Arabian regions, which states that each user of the game as a free spy on their country.

Dangers of Pokemon Go In The Eyes Of The World.

Pokemon Go While Driving
Pokemon Go While Driving

Let’s clarify some things first before we start:

  • The game was firstly launched in only certain countries ( USA, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Germany and UK).
  • They didn’t have a widespread plan and a proof of that is the server drops due to immense numbers which were beyond expectations.
  • The game was played in other countries by an illegal way which is downloading it as APK file.

Moving On To The Most Part Of Our Article.

Starting with the last rumor from above, the fear of being a spy which made a lot of people hate the game and delete it. Let’s ask ourselves these 2 questions.

Who will make a game to spy on their own country?

The game was launched in Japan which is where the developing company headquarters.

Is it logical for someone who wants to spy on a country with an app to not make it available for everyone to use?

Game Permissions.

As usual, when you install an application on your device, it asks for certain permissions.

Camera: It’s based on Augment Reality so it’s only logical to ask for camera permissions.

Contacts: The game needs permissions to that because it’ll link you with each other to form teams and other multiplayer options.

Locations: The game’s core playstyle is based on using GPS.

Storage:  Certainly any application asks for this permission in order to save files and pictures and the game needs to save pokemon pictures.

The Real Dangers:

  • While there’s no real proof of the game stealing your information, let’s agree that the game has indeed dangers but it’s not some foreign conspiracies trying to get a picture of your house. The real danger is how to play the game.
  • One of the most famous accidents is a 15 years old girl walking onto the highway trying to catch a pokemon and blaming the game for her accident.
  • Not because the GPS isn’t showing the sea while you’re driving your car and you’re seeing it from your window, it means that you should still drive into it!
  • Many accidents happened because of the game that the USA government tweeted ” No Pokemoning from behind the wheel”
  • The other problem is the technical faults which the developing company announced. They said that they have full access to your google account and the company announced that this bug will be patched.

Pokemon Go And Your Personal Privacy.

We now know that the real problem is in how to play the game. The purpose of this article is just to ask some questions and not support the company or the game in any way. So enjoy your game play and for sure, you are to believe what you prefer.

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