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10 real Pokemons that actually exist!

Real life pokemons! Pokemon is one of the most popular anime and we all wished to have such animals with super powers! Here're 10 pokemons that actually exist in real life with...
Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go: The Hidden Truth.

" Pokemon gotta catch'em all" that's how this iconic anime started. It was so popular and spread across the world in its time and was. Despite the rumors surrounding it, they...
Pokemon Go

Take Your Pokemon Go Experience To Another Level of Play!

Pokemon Go has raided the world with its release topping the charts with numbers beyond belief and popularity. With the increased number of players  playing the game each day, tools to...


9 Signs to avoid in order to be rich

A Common belief There is a common belief that “Everybody has equal chances to make a fortune”. This was said by self-made millionaire Steve Siebold,...
Foods That Cause Paunch

Foods That Cause Paunch