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Take Your Pokemon Go Experience To Another Level of Play!

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Pokemon Go has raided the world with its release topping the charts with numbers beyond belief and popularity. With the increased number of players  playing the game each day, tools to help them whether finding pokemons or how to play the game were imminent.

That’s why some websites were created for pokemon players to help them in their adventures and facilitate their gameplay with a lot of useful information. Some websites help you find pokemons in your area. Other websites aid you by rating your gameplay and comparing them with other player statistics for a more competitive approach and knowing your personal skill also communicating with players.

1- SilphRoad 

This website is considered to be one of the most reliable and wide information source of pokemon go. It provides a lot of statistics and information about the game and most of all, it acts as a guide to pokemon in your area. Like a radar, it tracks pokemon movements using GPS and you can also communicate with nearby players.

2- PokeVision


Using this website will help you find pokemons as it uses google maps solely to find pokemons. Google maps are simple to use but you can only get a refresh every 30 seconds. One of the great advantages of this website, is that you can download an offline desktop copy of the map.

3- Poke Radar  An Android/IOS Application


This application will allow you to see pokemons on google maps. When you launch the game on your phone, it’ll show the pokemons around you. The minor setback about this application is that despite being completely free, it has some ads. Compared to other applications, this is one of the best applications to catch pokemons.

4- PoGo ToolKit

PoGo ToolKit

This website is a calculator. It calculates the progress you made in the game. Based on the combat power, it predicts what the pokemon will evolve into and the time taken to evolve.

5- PrimaGames


This website gives you a lot of useful information about how to play the game, best strategies, all the pokemon inforamtion, charts of strong and weak pokemons and a much much more.

For more useful tips, please leave them in the comments below.

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