Jobs And Life: Make People Love, Respect and Trust You!


Being famous and respected and loved by people is mostly what everyone wants but it often doesn’t come easily. Some have a natural talent of catching people attention but for others who like to be on their own or shy, it’s a bit harder to achieve. We will help you both in this article to be respected and loved by people.

You might forget that sometimes being successful gives a false impression of not needing people and that’s not true. Naturally, the human being is social and communicative who likes to get appreciation from people.

Let’s get started and be popular, respected and loved in your job and life.

1- Honesty.

Unfortunately, some people think that fraud and lying are the only way for a successful business. Even if somehow it made you reach success, it’s only for a short duration because you have to stop lying at a certain point and sooner or later, it’s gonna come.

2- Always Keep Your Promise. 

If you don’t keep your promises with the clients, it’ll at least diminish your reputation in the market. Each time you keep your promise and keep it, it increases your credibility. Nobody likes bad surprises so by keeping your promises to your clients, will make them trust you and expect even more from you.

If you’re for some reason unable to finish the job, you should clearly tell your client. It’ll make you more appear more understanding with your clients and they’ll always favor you above other vendors. However, in that case you may have to make some compromise.

3- Admit Your mistakes. 

Okey, we screw up. Nothing usually goes perfectly according to the plan. Good managers are the ones who learn from their mistakes and understand what went wrong and transform that failure into a success. It’ll also give you future experience should you ever be in a similar situation.

4- Be Clear, Decisive And Accurate.

Usually people like to deal with vendors who are on time whether product deliveries or appointments.Therefore, your credibility and trustworthy will always be put to test.

5- Don’t Use Bad Language. 

You have to be careful with the choice of your words. You need to know exactly what to say and when. Inappropriate speech will give a horrible impression about you. Cursing won’t make you any more respectable when it comes to business talks so it’s not preferable to use it.

6- Wisdom.

Surely it’s a necessary characteristic for any leader. Being able to deal with opinion differences with wisdom and satisfying all sides is an incredibly important quality. You should always manage your anger because as a person and a manager, everyone won’t always agree with either your opinions or strategy. People are indeed different and it’s vital for you to never be angry and trying to find the connecting points between all opinions will solve this issue.

7- Build Bridges.

Stray away from gossip at all cost. Never use that because whether what you say is true or false, people won’t trust you because they’ll think that you’ll do the same to them aside from losing the person whom gossiped.

8- Be Humble. 

Let’s face it, you won’t always be right. We’re humans and we all make mistakes. Each and every person around you teaches you something and self trust doesn’t come from being the best at everything, it comes from your ability of being humble and respecting those who are around you including your self-respect.

9- Keep An Open Mind.

You should always follow your dreams and passions towards being a better person and making sure you always learn something new.

10- Be Inspirational and Influential.

You can always be inspirational when you speak with people about your passions and dreams that you wish to achieve. As well as being encouraging people to follow theirs and believing in themselves to keep trying hard.

11- Speak Appropriately With Your Enemies. 

Your enemies will probably treat you badly and try to lesser you. It’s at this point in which you have the opportunity to have a major advantage over them. You need to be able to deal with all this hate diplomatically and professionally but you are not to keep quiet about it.

12- Care About Others.

Start caring about other people and pay attention to those around you whether at home or at work. You need to also show worry sometimes and show empathy in their hard times.

*Follow these steps and you’ll gain so much respect and good friends and most of all, be successful in your business and social life.