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Drinking alcohol damage

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Drink alcohol

Alcoholic drinks are drinks that are present in many social events in some societies. Drinking alcohol in all its forms, regardless of its quantity, has negative effects on humans both in the near and long term. Science and scientists have not been able to reach the minimum safe level of drinking this type of drinks, and studies have concluded that it has harmful effects on human health, and we will mainly discuss in this article the drinking alcohol damage.

Drinking alcohol damage

drinking alcohol damage

The drinking damages of this type of beverage are as follows:

First: Health effects in the short term

  • Affects the nerve pathways in the brain, which causes loss of ability to control events, things, talk and movement.
  • Facing difficulties in concentration, with loss of ability to do so.
  • Feeling difficulties during breathing.
  • It negatively affects the consistency of speech and different body movements during driving and walking.
  • The lack of deterrence, which urges him to abide by the laws and regulations, which makes him continue to commit forbidden things.
  • Feeling confused.
  • Entering into a coma, in some cases may cause sudden death.

Second: Long-term health effects

  • The occurrence of contractions and contractions in the brain tissue of the person who uses alcohol.
  • Effect on memory and thinking negatively.
  • The negative effects on the heart muscle, as well as the increased risk of infection and the incidence of heartbeat disorders of the alcoholic drinker.
  • Increase the risk of certain types of cancers, notably throat cancer, oral cancer, esophageal cancer, and breast cancer.
  • Negatively affects the immune system and this increases the possibility of infection of some types of inflammation, most notably pancreatitis and lung inflammation.
  • The occurrence of many psychological changes, especially those that affect human behavior and mood, most notably depression.
  • The incidence of hypertension and the associated complications of serious effect on human health.
  • It has serious complications on human liver, notably hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, in addition to the problems and fatty fluctuations that affect this organ in the human body.

The risk of drinking alcohol on pregnant women

drinking alcohol damage

Eating alcohol during pregnancy is one of the most serious things that adversely affect the health of pregnant women and the fetus, and it causes harm to the fetus in most cases, as follows:

  • Effects on the external appearance of the fetus, where the fetus is born with a nose, eyes and a small head, in addition to the upper lip is accurate.
  • The child’s brain is smaller than the normal child.
  • These children face difficulties and hearing and sight problems.
  • These children often have learning difficulties.
  • Distortion and problems occur in the child’s limbs and its joints in many cases.

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