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Learn about the new Google News application entirely

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Google Company revealed earlier this week about the new Google News application completely during the main opening word of Google I / O, where the new application uses artificial intelligence and automated learning to customize the application of News for each user to fit their personal interests.

The new Google News application replaces the Newspaper and magazines application on both iOS and Android, and is slowly issued to users across 127 different countries, so if you can’t access the new features now, keep checking the application.

Thanks to the new design and features, there is a lot to cover in the new Google News application, let’s take a look at each tab and a new feature that aimed to give users unbiased news on a particular topic.

For you

The initial offer of the news application is called guidance, where you will find 5 news from Google based on your interests and your site, after the most important results, Google News attracts more news that you think you will be interested in, and where you use Google News to read stories and watch videos, the stories were better.

Full Coverage

When you want to deepening into an interesting story, a full multicolored coverage button will open a new page divided into different categories: The most important coverage, videos, from Twitter, opinion and all coverage, and each section organizes news from all over the internet and various publications, that giving you the option to read or listen to the news source of your choice.

You’ll find the full coverage button in the summary of directions at the top of the news that you have opened, and the full coverage section of Google is identical to each user and free from any artificial intelligence or automated learning.

The new Google News application titles

When you want a wider view of news around the world, select the Headlines tab, unlike directions, the news headlines contain different addresses without personal interests, and the news is divided into a series of categories at the top of the screen, which can be passed horizontally.

Some minimized pictures offer more than one story by passing to left or right; while others are individual stories, click on any minimized pictures to open the story.


The Favorites tab is the place that you go to help in mark Google News about your interests, and the regions of the world that you want news about, and the news organizations that you want the application to display, and to add interest to the application, click the button (+).


Newspapers section is used to list various news outlets and publications and provide the option to subscribe to the services involved, and both free and paid subscriptions are supplied in the News and Magazines section, and bills will be sent to any subscriptions that you share through the application to the Google Play account and management.

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