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Foods That Cause Paunch

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Foods that cause the appearance of paunch are many, and can be the cause of bloating in the abdomen, and increase waist fat, and there are many foods full of fat and sugar, which lead to the storing of excess fat in the abdomen and therefore the appearance of paunch.

Foods That Cause Paunch

Foods that cause paunch

Sugar substitutes

Sugar substitutes, such as sugar-free chewing gum, sweets, and snacks such as sugar-free cookies, are not partially digested by the body, leading to side effects in the digestive system, such as paunch, gas, and diarrhea. So, try to avoid sugar substitutes, if you are not sure whether the food contains sugar substitutes or not, you can read the list of ingredients on the cover of foods.

Soft drinks

Foods That Cause Paunch

The consumption of large amounts of soft drinks can make you feel bloated in your stomach. These drinks contain carbonates that transport gas to the stomach and intestines, causing bloating and enlargement of the abdomen. These beverages also contain a high level of sugar, which immediately raises sugar levels in the blood, which leads to a sharp rise in insulin, and this sends a signal to your body to start storing excess sugar and abdominal fat.

Ice Cream

Ice cream causes bloating in the abdomen, and it is rich in sugar, that increase the blood sugar levels causing an increase in levels of insulin that lead to the storing of fat in the abdomen, in addition to that the ice cream contains lactose, which causes difficulty in digestion, leading to increased bloating and gases, and thus the appearance of paunch.


Sausages lead to the appearance of paunch, these fatty meats contain a high proportion of saturated fat and cause inflammation, blockage of arteries, and increase abdominal fat, in addition to that the sausages contain a high proportion of sodium and calories, which cause an increase in abdominal fat and, so the appearance of the rumen.

White pasta

Eating a lot of pasta causes a large accumulation of fat in the abdomen and waist circumference, they cause an increase in insulin levels in the body, and an increase in fat storage. In addition, white pasta contains a low proportion of fiber, which can leave you feeling unsatisfied, Leading to eating more of these pasta.

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