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Exercises for the Disposal of Paunch

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The paunch is one of the problems that many people suffer from. It is the accumulation of body fat in the abdominal area. The accumulation of these fat causes many serious diseases that can accompany the person for life. It increases the risk of diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, and some types of cancer, and problems with paunch not only on men, but also in women who have exceeded menopause, and pregnant women after childbirth, showing abdominal limpness.

Exercises for the disposal of paunch

Exercises for the Disposal of Paunch

To get rid of the rumen problem faster, you should combine diet and sports, as it is important to reduce eating, so follow a certain diet and exercise, and work to change your lifestyle to a healthy pattern gradually, because the gradual methods are the most successful than the fast ways, such as surgical operations and slimming recipes, and here we have many exercises that will help you to get rid of the rumen, including:

The first exercise

  • You have to sleep on your back, lift your head a little, and put them behind your head.
  • Bend your knees and move them alternately as your knees reach your belly, and repeat this exercise 15 times.

The second exercise

  • Lie on your belly, then lift your hands and legs up with each other, and repeat the exercise 15 times.
  • This exercise is an important exercise; it works to tighten the muscles of the abdominal area.

The third exercise

  • Stand straight, then bring a stick to place it on your shoulders, move from right to left, and repeat this exercise 20 times.
  • The lower part of the body should be paused, as the fat is burned from the area of the waist and below the paunch.

The fourth exercise

  • This exercise is to sit on your knees and your arms, then raise your knees alternately one by one to top up and straight.
  • This exercise helps burn the lower abdominal area, repeat it 15 times.

The fifth exercise

  • This exercise is one of the most common and effective exercises, where you can run or walk for 30 minutes a day, which helps to burn fat and abdominal pain.
  • Exercises for the Disposal of Paunch

Obesity was determined using a body mass index. Central obesity is diagnosed by measuring waist circumference in men and women. This measurement should not exceed 95 cm in men and 75 cm in women.


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