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Over- chat online is linked to depression

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The diagnosis of depression depends on our human behavior, and the lifestyle that we live, but the new in this field is a study by a group of researchers at the University of Missouri Science and Technology, which indicates that the diagnosis of depression can be through a person’s online behavior.

Over- chat online is linked to depression

The study monitored the behavior of 216 university students after notifying them about the purpose of the study and what they were trying to research.  After following the behavior, it was found that students suffering from depression which was identified through direct diagnosis, as they usually suffer from a lack of concentration and the difficulty of making decisions, they have the same behavior on the Internet, they usually spend a lot of time in chatting and checking email many times, and this was the general feature of the activity of people suffering from depression.

At the end of this study, the researchers concluded that judging behavior on the Internet is a good sign of diagnosing depression in people who spend a lot of time chatting.

Over- chat online is linked to depression

It is worth mentioning here that the University of Missouri has already announced the results of another research, linking the use of the Internet with depression. But as one of its causes, internet use for long periods, and social networking sites in particular, creates an atmosphere of isolation in people and gradually destroys their lives and social activities, making them more susceptible to depression than people who use the Internet moderately.

According to specialists, these results may be relied upon by psychologists to facilitate their task in the diagnosis and treatment of depression, by finding of applications running on the computer or smart phones, allowing to follow the behavior of people on the Internet, to diagnose their condition, or follow up their response to the treatment plan.


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