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Food We Recommend That You Don’t Eat In the Early Morning

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Breakfast is one of the most important meals, and you have to focus on making your choices of it healthy, to start your day full of energy and accomplishment. Here are some healthy foods that should be avoided at breakfast:

Cakes, pastries, donuts and many other unhealthy food at the beginning of the day that may lead to an inactive morning and not full of energy or achievement, many of us may make mistakes and choose unhealthy choices, not only because they lack nutrients or because they are high in calories and sugars, But its timing may not be appropriate.

Because breakfast is the key to the day and its beginning let us guide you to some foods that you may think are healthy but it’s best to avoid them:

Breakfast cereals with high sugarfood

We are talking here about most of the cereals in the markets, full of sweeteners, dyes, additives and sugars. Do not make any of them your choice. Eating high-sugar, low-fiber and proteins, May lead to high blood sugar levels for a short time and quickly drop and leave you without energy, with the rapid sense of hunger. Therefore, when choosing breakfast cereals, you should focus on the quality of the meal that contains at least 5 g of fiber and not more than 10 g of sugar.


The saying “banana is a ticking energy bomb” doesn’t make it the perfect choice for your breakfast. It’s true that bananas contain high amount of fructose, but according to the studies, it’s rich in magnesium and potassium. Two minerals that help relaxing nerves and muscles. So you may not want to eat bananas during the morning if you have a day full of tasks that require energy and activity.

Toast with butter “French toast”food

Who doesn’t like French toast or sweetened pies on breakfast. They could be really delicious and a traditional meal for many countries especially Europe, but that does not mean it is a perfect and healthy breakfast!

Butter is a source of hydrogenated fats and is very harmful to cardiovascular health, which may contribute to raising the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood, and it is not suitable to eat them either with toast or with sweetened pancakes. To make these choices healthier, you may want to eat full-grain toast to avoid sweetened pancakes, and replace butter or corn syrup with honey or jam, or find other healthier protein choices, such as peanut butter or a little chickpeas.


Unfortunately, many people may start their morning with a cup of coffee. And this is probably a bad habit that should be avoided as much as possible!

Despite its benefits, having coffee on an empty stomach can irritate the stomach because of its caffeine content. And increase the risk of stomach acidity and even ulcer in the future.

Besides, caffeine is associated with digestive disorders. Having coffee can temporarily inhibit appetite, making you gradually step down from eating a full and balanced breakfast.

As you can see, there are many different breakfast options. Make sure you find the right alternatives for you. The healthy breakfast, according to researches, is the way to start a day full of energy and accomplishment.

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