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Releasing the first version of the Briar app for secure messaging and conversations

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The first official version of Briar’s most secure messaging application based on the Tor network was released to protect users and their connections from intrusion. To be available on Google Play and F-Droid, the open source Android app site.

“This version came after a security review and a 10-month trial period during which many errors were fixed,” said the Briar development team.

The Briar application is slightly different from other messaging applications because it’s using Tor network to send and receive messages, as well as other features, such as the ability to send encrypted messages using Bluetooth technology or Wi-Fi in the event of Internet interruptions.

The messaging application is primarily targets the journalists or simply anyone who needs a secure and reliable communication and messaging way.

According to the development team, the application team will begin working on developing the Briar desktop application tool, As for the application on the iOS system, the team says: “Bringing a messaging application that works by P2P system to iOS iPhones is difficult because Apple does not allow long connections over networks, although this is necessary in messaging applications that based on P2P system “.

According to the development team of the application, they will continue to improve the application and its features, and in the near future the application will allow to attach images within conversations, improve battery life consumption, and add remote contacts without verification of identities.

Features of Secured Messaging Application Briar

  1. Depends on the Tor network to connect users.
  2. All communications are encrypted by the user.
  3. Doesn’t rely on central servers where messages are directed between users’ devices because of the use of the “peer-to-peer messenger (P2P)” system.
  4. If there is a disruption to the Internet, Briar can synchronize via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
  5. It doesn’t allow taking a screenshot, as it appears as black.
  6. Add new contacts by scanning the QR

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